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Just as running water doesn’t become stagnant, change keeps us fresh and invigorated. We’ve presented our site with the same design for long enough; it’s time we changed it up a little. The point is not only to make it … Continue reading

TripAdvisor reviews now appear on

If you’ve looked for hotels on at some point over the past few weeks, you may have noticed a slight change to the information you can view. We always strove to provide the highest possible quality and reliable content … Continue reading

Thanks to all our fans

We started this blog and our Facebook page about 2 months ago, and since then we are loving the level of engagement we got with you! Because of that, after our last contest, we decided to create a map with … Continue reading

One on one talk with our winning Amsterdam Hotels

Last week, we announced our “Best reviewed Amsterdam hotels of 2010”. The hotels which made it to the final list got the highest scores from their guests. Amsterdam is an extremely popular city and it is full with tourists all … Continue reading

Sydney Tips from our very own Rochelle!

Same as last time, as part of our “Interview Specials” for the Blog, we took some precious time off from the busy daily office life, and planned in  a small chat with one of our team members. During this … Continue reading

Christmas is over, but my belly is still here…

Christmas is over, but a lot of people -including me- still have in their belly the vivid memories of the food we had during the holiday season. Since is an international company with people from all around the world, … Continue reading is warming up for Christmas

Here at we don’t really need a special reason to celebrate. For us, any occasion is good enough to excuse ourselves for a night out together. One, two or three drinks are a must in order for us to … Continue reading

Welcome to blog!

Hello everybody and welcome to our new blog! Before we begin, we would like to tell you a little about ourselves… We are an online hotel reservations company which provides hotels, B&B, hostels and apartments  worldwide Our main office is located … Continue reading