Alternative Guide to Stockholm

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Stockholm is one of the most iconic cities in Scandinavia, and that is due to it’s magical  18 hours of sun during summer time and almost complete darkness during the winter season. It has also become a haven for big names in Pop Music worldwide with the fame some of its unique residents.

There is way more to the city than Abba, Ikea and meatballs. The city is made up of incredible green spaces and picturesque waterways and rich culture which attract tourists of all kinds.

Join us in visiting some of the best local places in the city and enjoy Stockholm as a local.

An Expedition Through Medieval Stockholm


Gamla Stan is pretty much where everything started with the city. There is still an existent settlement in the location since around 1252, which nowadays have turned into taverns or touristic shops more than fishing boats. It is still worth taking a walk through the maze of winding medieval alleyways, small squares, ancient churches and the Royal Palace. This area can get quite touristic, but this can be avoided if you take an alternative way down the side streets.

Pay a Visit to the City Hall ( Stadshuset)


One of the city’s main monuments, it is extremely important due to the celebration of some of the world’s most esteemed people at the Nobel Prize banquet. It is held annually in the building’s Blue Hall. If you are not invited for the feast, you can take a tour of its 10,000 piped organ, the Golden Room with its mosaic in pieces of gold leaf. The Nobelmuseet ( Nobel Prize Museum) proudly displays its eminent laureates and their achievements.

Drink by the Water


Drinking by the water is a popular pastime in Stockholm as several boats now host bars and restaurants decked out with palm tress and sleek furniture. Some of the most popular places are Flyt(Float) which looks like a steamboat but it is in fact a pontoon. Malarpaviljongen’s pontoon seems like Miami beach in Stockholm with its designer furniture and olive trees and Patricia one of the most famous gay party on Sundays and major summer parties during summer.

Check the Medieval Vasa

The Vasa Warship

The medieval Vasa ship in Stockholm is a matter of national pride. 10 out of 10 Swedes will educate you about this great engineering feature of mankind at least medieval kind.

Get a Cup of Stockholm‘s Coffee Culture


Residents love their coffee and that can be easily seen as coffee places are sprawled everywhere in the city. You can take part of the caffeine society at Lisas Cafe & Hembageri, Hermans Tradgarde or Malarpaviljongen.

Dance the Night Away


Don’t think that your night will be fueled by cheesy Abba music ( it could if you want it to). The city is very famous for its active night scene and rich music. From the rock of Database to Fylkingen for DIY and experimental music, The Sodra Teatern Cultural Centers and its folk and pop concerts to its neighbor the Mosebacke Etablissement where Jazz, Salsa and Reggae are predominant.

Stock up on Borgs


One of the most famous Swedish clothing lines can be picked up from a friendlier price at its native land. There, you can pick up from bags, to the famous underwear and much more.

Enjoy the Street Scene


Hornstulls Strand a lounge bar with a lengthy DJ line-up, and a stage that hosts everything from poetry slams to comedy shows, this place bustles on alternate weekends from March until Christmas.

Adventures with Pippi Longstocking


Ride a fairytale train that crosses miniature fictional landscapes through quaint Swedish houses, or dress up as Pippi and slide down the roof of her house. Turn back time and enjoy a national children’s hero in her themed park.

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