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Hi Guys. I am Ide and work for for some time already and still enjoy every day. In my free time I love riding my bicycles and spending time with my girlfriend and friends. Have fun reading the easytobook blog!

Support Anne to the TOP

A little introduction: My name is Anne Swinkels and I am eleven years old. Four years ago a tumor was discovered in my brain; luckily, the tumor has now been removed. I am happy to report that I feel better. … Continue reading

25 most beautiful fountains of the world

The presence of water makes life possible on our planet.  The medium for all of the chemical reactions that occur in our body, water impacts our lives on a microscopic level.  Freezing in enormous rivers, water has carved the landscape … Continue reading

Which airliner belongs to which country quiz

Planes. For roughly 100 years we’ve have these large steel birds flying through the skies transporting all kinds of stuff all over the world. Where would we be without them?! Planes made the far ends of the world reachable for … Continue reading

Most amazing hotel pools

We all love to travel for our various different reasons. One of these reasons is of course to relax, and where better to relax than in or beside a fine hotel pool! Hotels understood that when they made their pool … Continue reading

Hotel Towel Folding Art

Most people have probably witnessed the art of hotel towel folding. You enter your room after a nice day at the beach and on the bed you find a sculpture; most likely of a swan, but if you are lucky … Continue reading

Learn basic Catalan for tourists

Barcelona, the ​​capital of Catalonia, proudly displays its colours and language! Almost immediately after the commemoration of the Diada de Catalunya (11/09), which celebrates the spirit of resistance of the Catalan people, we are again plunged into the culture of … Continue reading

Munich Oktoberfest

Imagine: You’re standing in the middle of a human sea.  Thousands of bodies jubilantly chatting, swaying, toasting and swigging away out of immense beer krugs.  Women in elegant Dirndl-dresses mix with men in leather pants, called Lederhosen.  You order another … Continue reading

How to stay fit during a long flight

Endless queues, screaming children, inadequate seating, international terrorism, deep vein thrombosis – there are loads of fun reasons to fly economy class, and we all love doing so. That said, an aeroplane cabin is not quite the oasis of pure … Continue reading

Strange Hotel Architecture

A quick browse through any Online Travel Agent hotel listings quickly reveals that most hotels offer the same standard facilities – wireless Internet access, fitness centre, restaurant – and for good reason. However, how is a hotel going to stand … Continue reading

National Beer Brands Quiz

Beer is the most consumed alcoholic drink in the whole world. Many say that it’s even the oldest alcoholic drink in the world. After water and tea it is the third most popular drink on earth. Almost every country has … Continue reading