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Hi Guys. I am Ide and work for for some time already and still enjoy every day. In my free time I love riding my bicycles and spending time with my girlfriend and friends. Have fun reading the easytobook blog!

How to avoid tourist scams

[like action=like] All around the world tourists like you and I are an easy target for people with bad intentions. In most cases we are not familiar with the environment and we are at risk of  falling for one of … Continue reading

Haunted hotels around the world

[like action=like] Hotels are some of the oldest public buildings on the planet, and are one of the few buildings in which people spend the night, other than their own home. As a result, hotels often have a rich history … Continue reading

Hidden tourist gems in Paris

[like action=like] Paris. City of light. City of love. Paris has many names and according to many it is the city with the highest amount of interesting things to see per square kilometer! Everybody who visits Paris wants to view … Continue reading

Unusual suitcase designs

[like action=like] Everybody who travels uses luggage. Suitcases are often the weapon of choice to transport a person’s belongings. Whilst a suitcase is nothing more than a large case in different sizes which you have to carry or roll from … Continue reading

Did you know these things about hotels?

[like action=like] When the word “hotel” is mentioned, a few associations come to mind: vacation, luxury, weekend getaway, room service and more sweet connections. On the other hand, hotels can also convey less pleasant thoughts: money spending, unfriendly staff, greedy … Continue reading

Barcelona A-Z

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world; it is vibrant, close to the beach, it has great food and wine, it’s cheaper than Amsterdam and there are Zara shops on every street corner. Aside from a very … Continue reading

Win a park, sleep & fly package

You just booked yourself the best 2 week vacation. You already see yourself lying on the beach, cocktail in your hand, sun on your skin. You wake up from your dream realizing the constant returning agony of transportation to and … Continue reading

Ultimate Amsterdam Queen’s Day Guide

April starts. The first warmer days of the year arrive; birds start to chirp in the morning; trees are getting their green color back, and the Dutch are getting ready for one of the biggest outdoor festivals in the world … Continue reading

Amsterdam bicycle survival guide

The Scenario You rent a car. The seat adjustment cannot be altered the way you want, making your driving experience less pleasant. You reach the center of a large foreign city where you have never been. Once you enter the … Continue reading

James Bond Hotels Quiz

Fleming’s world of international espionage certainly had the perks to match its danger; the scenery, the girls, the room service allowance…but you don’t need to don a tuxedo, win a hand of blackjack whilst drinking a vodka martini, and drive … Continue reading