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Hello my dearest readers, I'm Jean, a young expatriate from the sunny and warm South of France. I just arrived in the (extreme!) cold of Amsterdam, and I will be here for the coming 9 months, stuck between the snow & Gouda! My English isn't perfect, but I make up for it with my awesome French! I am very enthusiastic to work for, a young dynamic and friendly company, my new family :)... I hope you'll enjoy our blog and all my posts.

Top train rides around the world

[like action=like] Are you looking for a different type of travel for your next vacation? Why not change your habits and experience a special kind of trip – a train ride. When traveling to a new country, a popular choice … Continue reading

Public transport in London

London, capital of the civilised world, is a wonderful metropolis with an incredible number of places to visit and to discover. To traverse this vast city, which is the largest urban area in the European Union, a dense and extensive … Continue reading

Dragon boat festival

[like action=like] Today we’d like to share an event with you that you most likely have never heard about, but will grasp your interest for sure. Do you know the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and the famous Dragon Boat Race? … Continue reading

Unusual hotels around the world

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A nice day in Nice!

There’s nothing better than a warm and sunny destination for your summer holiday. With one foot in the water and another one in the mountains, the city of Nice is a perfect destination for great summer holidays with family or … Continue reading

Paris A-Z Dictionary

A: Arc de Triomphe – This is one of many monuments that Paris is famous for, located at the tip of the beautiful and wellknown Avenue des Champs-Elysees. It was built in 1806 as requested by Napoleon Bonaparte, who after … Continue reading

Public Transport in Paris

Paris is a huge city but getting from one point to another is a breeze when you know your way around the public transport system! I will explain all the options in Paris’ public transport system to you! The best … Continue reading

Movie hotels in Paris

Film lover? Paris lover? Feeling like walking in the footsteps of movie heroes and stars? Follow us and discover the hotels that have sheltered famous movie scenes or were seen on the white screen and track the heroes’ traces by … Continue reading

Most Stunning Snow Sculptures

When winter arrives and the snow begins to fall is when snowmen are “born” everywhere in the snowfilled cities. This season in Europe, with unbelievable snowfall in December, was great for creation of all kinds of structures made from snow! … Continue reading

Top 5 things to do for FREE in Paris

Paris, the “City of Lights” has a great many amazing things to offer for tourists. This is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, as everyone knows, but also one of the most expensive ones! However this does not … Continue reading