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About Maria

Hei! My name is Maria and I’m the office clown here at easytobook (I have a slight tendency to talk before thinking, which at times can be hilarious for other people). However when I’m not at work I tend to spend my time reading fashion magazines, dancing on large festival, listening to music, hanging out with friends and travelling. Furthermore I’m just a Norwegian settling into the Dutch culture. I hope you will enjoy my posts!

Funny city names

[like action=like] Occasionally it happens that you go on vacation and you end up having a great laugh because a place on that vacation had a funny name. That is simply what this blog post is about: places with funny … Continue reading

Urban Legends all around the world

I doubt there is anyone in our office that is more capable of writing a post about urban legends. I was one of those people that had huge problems going to the toilet alone when I was little because someone … Continue reading

Worldwide greetings traditions

Few days ago our CMO walked in proudly as he just became father for the third time – of a sweet little girl this time. To my surprise everyone stood up and started kissing him on the cheeks congratulating him. … Continue reading