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Hello everyone, I'm Sandrine; I'm an intern at and I really enjoy it! I come from France... to be more precise, I come from Montpellier. I've been in Amsterdam for 8 months; I fell madly in love with the city, even if I'm still wearing my coat! ;) I hope you enjoy to read our blog and all my posts as well :p

Diabolically difficult French capital quiz

Home to the world’s most expensive clothes rack, Paris is a city with many frivolous associations. City of fashion, city of romance, city of light; city of baguettes. Hunchbacks, guillotines, absinthe fairies and dead rock stars all play a part … Continue reading

The world’s most eccentric religious structures

There’s nothing that says ‘I love and respect the wonder of all god’s creations’ like raising a stupendous, imposing structure. Chitchen Itza, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Hagia Sophia and Angkor Wat are all world-famous attractions that were built for … Continue reading

Top free attractions in Madrid

Spain’s capital is naturally one of the country’s most expensive cities. It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to expect that you can easily spend a fortune here if you’re not careful. That said, the best things in life … Continue reading

Top Berlin blogs: a tale of two cities?

Having covered Paris, Rome and Amsterdam in our ‘top blogs’ series, we’ve decided to keep up the momentum with one of Europe’s most fabulous cities: Berlin. Berlin has so much to offer and teach; culturally and historically it’s one of … Continue reading

Ten top New York hotel restaurants

The Big Apple is a massive city with a population of over 8 million people. It’s not too hard to get lost out here. You might be something of an agoraphobic, or maybe you’re sick of hot dogs, or perhaps … Continue reading

Extreme tourist attractions

Remember that post about the World’s Best Rollercoasters?  It kind of sparked our interest about the more adventurous and extreme side of tourism.  For those thrill seekers out there, here’s a dozen ‘extreme’ tourist attractions that may well give you … Continue reading

Standard travel luggage tips

Would you like to become a packing pro? Can’t take all your clothes with you on holiday? Need to know how to arrange your stuff so that everything fits into your suitcase? No worries; comes to the rescue and … Continue reading