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About Yuli

Hi people! What can I tell about myself that will be short and to the point? Well, my name is Yuli, I am originally from Israel but came to Holland because of my Dutch husband, whom I met in Thailand. My favorite things in the world are: my family and friends, hummus and sunshine (now you probably wonder why I moved to Holland, well so do I every once in a while :-) ). I can be lazy from time to time but normally my enthusiasm surpasses all comprehension, and I cannot stop talking (or writing). Therefore, I hope you will enjoy all my posts!

New York Most Famous Set Locations

[like action=like] New York is probably the most photogenic city when it comes to set locations for movies and TV series. There is something about this city which is so sexy, mysterious, interesting and intriguing, that any script writer or … Continue reading

Rome A-Z Dictionary

[like action=like] This time on our City A-Z list we have the beautiful and scintillating Italian capital of Rome. There is so much to write about Rome that we found ourselves struggling to decide what to include; each letter on … Continue reading

Amazing Castle Hotels around Europe

When you travel around the world, sooner or later you will come across some old and impressive castle. A castle is something that we directly connect to historical events, romance and old and remarkable stories. When I see a castle … Continue reading

Best movie set locations

A few weeks ago we asked you on our Facebook page “What is your favorite movie set location?” We were amazed by the amount of responses we got. “Vicky Christina Barcelona”, “Eat, Pray, Love” in Italy and Indonesia, “Harry Potter” … Continue reading

Everything you need to know before visiting Spain!

Spain is one of my favorite countries in Europe. The weather is warm most of the time, the food is excellent, ZARA is much cheaper there than the ones in the rest of Europe, (sorry guys, just had to mention … Continue reading

Learn from Luigi about Naples, Amsterdam and Pizza

This time on our interview specials I am happy to introduce to you not only a colleague of mine at, but also a good friend! Luigi, or Gigi as we all call him here, is one of the nicest … Continue reading

Bangkok Ultimate Shopping Guide

If you are planning a trip to Bangkok any time soon, make sure to leave at least half of your suitcase empty as you are going to buy a lot of stuff. Bangkok is heaven for people who love shopping … Continue reading

Berlin A-Z Dictionary

A: Alexanderplatz – This is one of the biggest squares in the city and a major transport hub. Aside from important historic buildings, it’s a good place to visit and eat fast food after a long night of dancing – … Continue reading

Winter Sport in France, everything you need to know

Wintertime can represent a depressive and grey period for some people (like me ). For others, it’s the time to go on a winter sport holiday which means a lot of skiing, drinking and partying. France has always been the … Continue reading

Special close up with Shannon, our Facebook winner!

As all of you know, last week we announced our winner for the ‘Like and win 500€’  Facebook competition. Our happy winner (which was chosen randomly) is Shannon Reilly from Chicago. We wanted to ask Shannon a few questions … Continue reading