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About Yuli

Hi people! What can I tell about myself that will be short and to the point? Well, my name is Yuli, I am originally from Israel but came to Holland because of my Dutch husband, whom I met in Thailand. My favorite things in the world are: my family and friends, hummus and sunshine (now you probably wonder why I moved to Holland, well so do I every once in a while :-) ). I can be lazy from time to time but normally my enthusiasm surpasses all comprehension, and I cannot stop talking (or writing). Therefore, I hope you will enjoy all my posts!

Montpellier tips from our very own Jean

This week on our ‘Interview Special’ we have Jean from the marketing team! Jean actually used to sit in front of me and he always had some nice food on his desk. While I was eating my healthy salads, he … Continue reading

Most Romantic Hotels in Europe

A romantic getaway is always nice to refresh your mind and escape from the sometimes boring daily reality. There are plenty of hotels around Europe where you can go with your partner in order to experience some romance and fully … Continue reading

One on one talk with our winning Amsterdam Hotels

Last week, we announced our “Best reviewed Amsterdam hotels of 2010”. The hotels which made it to the final list got the highest scores from their guests. Amsterdam is an extremely popular city and it is full with tourists all … Continue reading

Sydney Tips from our very own Rochelle!

Same as last time, as part of our “Interview Specials” for the Blog, we took some precious time off from the busy daily office life, and planned in  a small chat with one of our team members. During this … Continue reading

New York A-Z Dictionary

There are so many things to see & do in New York City. The “Big Apple” is a destination full of excitement. If you visit the city for the first time, you might get a bit overwhelmed with all the … Continue reading

Berlin Tips from our very own Lisa!

Here at we have so many different nationalities that it never gets boring! Each person at our office brings its own personality and habits to the table: the Italian people always have the nicest lunch, the Spanish people always … Continue reading

What to do in London when it’s raining?

January is one of the coldest months of the year in many countries around Europe. After the holidays are over, many people get into their “winter blues” and just stay in door while it’s freezing cold outside. As an Israeli … Continue reading

New Years Eve in Amsterdam

New Year’s Eve is approaching and the excitement grows; everybody already knows where to go and what to wear, friends and family are getting ready to party together and the champagne is waiting to get popped. Before entering 2011 we … Continue reading

Amsterdam is getting ready for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and you can sense the holiday spirit just about everywhere; the streets are decorated with beautiful Christmas lights, the mobile bakeries are working hard to provide everyone with tasty desserts, the temporary ice-skating spot … Continue reading is warming up for Christmas

Here at we don’t really need a special reason to celebrate. For us, any occasion is good enough to excuse ourselves for a night out together. One, two or three drinks are a must in order for us to … Continue reading