Best beds for difficult customers

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My standards for a bed aren’t very high. I just need a comfortable mattress and a frame to set it on. What else could you need? No muss, no fuss!

Some people want more. You thought your bed was “different”? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Kitten sleeping on guitar
Kitten sleeping on guitar (1)

1. Best bed for a polar bear:

Ice bed
Ice bed (2)

2. Best bed for a gourmand

Hamburger bed
Hamburger bed (3)

3. Best bed for Iron Man:

Magnetic bed
Magnetic bed (4)

4. Best bed for a Thrill seeker:

Roller-coaster bed
Roller-coaster bed (5)

5. Best bed for the eternal optimist:

Beam bed
Beam bed (6)

6. Best bed for the musician:

Sleeping in stereo
Sleeping in stereo (7)

7. Best bed for a student:

8. Best bed for American visitors:

Quantum bed
Quantum bed (9)

Right – that’s our rundown. Now we want to imagine sleeping with you – tell us about your bed. Is it made of jam? Does it cook you breakfast?
What are your tips to finding a bizarre and awesome bed?


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