Ten Top Theme hotels
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A vacation should be an experience that, from start to finish, is fun, exciting and special.  Minibars and flat screen … Read More

Paris past and present
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You might have scrimped together enough centimes to take yourself off to Paris, which is an impressive enough feat in … Read More

The world’s best views from hotel bathrooms

A room with a view is so 1985…these days hotels need to offer something more to stand out from the … Read More

Funny signs in hotels
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Following on from our post on funny hotel names, we’ve been looking for some amusing signs that are found in … Read More

World’s best rollercoasters
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Why do we love rollercoasters?  They scare us out of our wits, they threaten to kill us, and they even … Read More

Funny Hotel Names
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Some people like to patronise chain hotels because they offer a standard level of accommodation.  It can be reassuring to … Read More

25 most beautiful fountains of the world
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The presence of water makes life possible on our planet.  The medium for all of the chemical reactions that occur … Read More

Most amazing hotel pools
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We all love to travel for our various different reasons. One of these reasons is of course to relax, and … Read More

Hotel Towel Folding Art
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Most people have probably witnessed the art of hotel towel folding. You enter your room after a nice day at … Read More

Strange Hotel Architecture
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A quick browse through any Online Travel Agent hotel listings quickly reveals that most hotels offer the same standard facilities … Read More

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