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Are you ready for another contest? We heard you! We are so happy with your likes and comments on our Facebook page that we decided to throw you another contest!

The Prize!

First of all, let’s talk about the reward. Thanks to one of our favorite hotels, the Eden Hotel, we are giving you the opportunity to win a 2 nights’ stay in the Eden Hotel in Amsterdam – included breakfast!



How can you win this prize?

Simple as an apple pie!

  1. Like us on Facebook
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  2. Leave a comment on this post why you deserve this awesome stay in Amsterdam! You can leave your comment using your Facebook or Twitter account.

We will keep an eye on all the comments and we will pick the winner the 1st of May.


These special conditions apply:

  • the voucher for the hotel is valid until 01/04/2012
  • reservations are on request and based upon availability
  • the voucher is valid for 2 nights in a double room
  • for other details you can find our rules about contests here
  • you must be a fan of our Facebook page:

So tell us: why you deserve a two nights’ getaway in Amsterdam?
The winner has been announced!! You can find the result on this page

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About Gigi

Hi everyone! My name is Luigi but all my friends call me Gigi. I'm from Italy, more precisely from Naples, one of the most beautiful cities in the world! I moved to Amsterdam more than 2 years ago after I’ve travelled most tourist destinations for fun.

29 Responses to Do you Like us? We Love You!

  1. Dave Wainwright says:

    Ik hou van Amsterdam , I would so love to win a couple of nights at the Eden in the centre of Amsterdam, it would give me the opportunity to catch up with old friends who I haven’t seen in quite a while and to walk the canals drinking in the flavour and history (including my own) of the most fabulous city in Europe with the best coffee and beer and the fabulous Dutch attitude to life , I think I deserve a break like this :).

  2. Lara Arcouche says:

    Amsterdam is a very charming city… I heard a lot about it… I would love to visit it and spend two unforgettable nights :) Cheers! Love ya

  3. Lara Arcouche says:

    Hi! I cannot post my comment in your blog! I am facing an erro when I am posting my comment. I think it is the connection back here. Thank you for your support.

  4. Michelle McAuley says:

    I would very much like to visit Amsterdam again as the mothership is due to pick me up shortly. As Amsterdam is such a beautiful & chilled out city it makes me forget all my worries (and information gathered for upcoming invasion)
    It would be in your best interests as human kind. You are human & kind aren’t you?
    *end transmission* 

  5. Roberta DOWLING says:

    Because me and my husband are losing weight and what better than cycling around the canals in Amstedam? Not only it will help our diet but it will let us fell in EDEN!!! 😉

  6. Dr. Hesham Safouh says:

    I think I deserve a couple of nights in Amsterdam because I did a lot of protesting at Tahrir Square and struggled with all free Egyptians against the regime in Egypt till it was brought down.

  7. oleksandr says:

    i wanna spend some few days in amsterdam because there are a lot of prostitutes there and i had no sex for a year or so, so i wanna celebrate there aniversary!

  8. Kristiina Vanha-Majamaa says:

    I havent ever been in Amsterdam..,
    and we just talk about that with my friend,
    where we should go next:we like to go Amsterdam to see Football, ,jihaa!!! :)

  9. Julie scott says:

    I would really love this Amsterdam break! As I have booked through many times and I would highly recommend to book your trips through as the service is second to none!!! Very good prices and it does what it says on the tin!! Easy to book!!!! Thank you Julie x

  10. richard ferries says:

    I would like to win break because I have had a very bad year. Burst pipes at christmas, broken into 3 weeks ago and have not been able to visit the beautiful city as we are too poor to afford a holiday

  11. michael wisler says:

    I need to win this prize and take my new wife over to see amsterdam,which I have been going to see since 1974, this is the most frienfly, beautiful, romatic cities in the universe. What ever you want to see eat,smell, enjoy in your life this is the city…

  12. john cox says:

    Having traveled to most every country in Europe never been to your beautiful city of Amsterdam.
    Love to take photos and post on my personal website for others to see and dream about those exotic cities in world that they need to visit.

  13. Kelly Kapow says:

    I would love to win a trip to Amsterdam because my husband will be returning from a 9 month deployment in Afghanistan, and I would love to reward him with a holiday when he returns home. Since he has been away, he has missed Christmas, New Years, both of our birthdays, as well as our wedding anniversary… but it’s all to serve his country! So I think the two of us deserve a short getaway together, especially my brave soldier :)

  14. says:

    I deserve a 2 night getaway in Amsterdam because I help combat veterans suffering with PTSD and my wife helps veterans with mental health issues, too!

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  16. Cindy Paelinckx says:

    I think I would use the 2 nights’ stay in Amsterdam to rediscover the cultural scene in Amsterdam! Maybe I will do an internship over there as a student in Art and Culture mediation, and this would be the ideal opportunity to explore the city and prepare for more!

  17. oreoNite says:

    I would love to visit Amsterdam as I have never been before! I have heard so much about it, the tuilips, the windmills, the canals, the cakes & the tall Dutch people!!

  18. Kamila Bolbol says:

    I don’t have such strong reasons as some people here, however, I want to go honestly to have fun. I’ve never been to Amsterdam and I would really like to visit it very much. It was my next city on the list. Easytobook, please give me the opportunity to enjoy a lovely 2 day stay at this hotel as you were always the best in terms of quality to price.

  19. Alasdair says:

    I could do with a nice weekend in Amsterdam to recover from the last year at university. Amsterdam is an excellent city, baically flat and no where as damp as this mould spot of a country so with no real problems from the asthma its a pleasure to walk around the city and take in the sights.

  20. Dave Vannin says:

    My wife and I love Amsterdam and the Eden Hotel but at the moment I’m skint :)

  21. Vernon Oswald Hendrikse says:

    I cannot think of a better place in Europe to spend 2 night.

  22. Peter Gracey says:

    We spend a couple of days every year in Amsterdam because its the best city in Europe.

  23. Jackie Patton says:

    it is the best city to fall in love. Yes-we are getting married this year!

  24. andrew james says:

    worked in holland, proposed in amsterdam, honeymoon in amsterdam what more can i say love it!

  25. maja says:

    I’m fascinated by Rembrandt’s work- so please do me a favor, and send me to Amsterdam

  26. Danilo Arc says:

    Vorrei vincere io semplicemente perchè non ho mai fatto un viaggio,e spero di meritarmela

  27. Mayada Safwat says:

    Simply I am fond of Easytobook, I fell in love with Amsterdam when I visited last Nov and taking into consideration my wide social network I could be very useful in representing a good messanger to promote for both Easytobook & Eden hotel! On top of that we just had our hard time through the revolution in Egypt and I believe I well deserve a breathe in “Eden” :-)).

  28. Laura Muzughi says:

    I have spent the past 6 months taking care of my daughter after an auto accident (was not her fault) and after her surgery etc…I AM SO READY FOR A VACATION!!!

  29. Marco says:

    I’m not sure if this trip can only be won, only if it is deserved or randomly…anyway..I’m just a student of 18 years, I would like to travel a bit the world, before having to join the world of work, we live only once!
    Have a great time,

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