Special close up with Shannon, our Facebook winner!


As all of you know, last week we announced our winner for the ‘Like EasyToBook.com and win 500€’  Facebook competition. Our happy winner (which was chosen randomly) is Shannon Reilly from Chicago. We wanted to ask Shannon a few questions about herself and we just caught her while she is travelling in Brisbane Australia. How nice!



Hi Shannon. First of all I wanted to congratulate you with the win! It must be nice to win 500€, especially if you like to travel. Tell me, how you would describe yourself in few words:

“Well, my friends always tell me that I am an adventurous and outgoing person, and when I set my mind to do something I always go for it. At the moment, I am on a trip around the world and before I left everyone told me how brave I was. But it’s really not that I am brave at all. I am just restless, and I want to meet as many people and see as many places as I can and while I can, because someday my rhythm will slow down and I don’t want to look back and say: “wow I wish I had done that”. For me, it is not an option.

As I mentioned before, you heard about your win during your visit in Brisbane. I know you are still there at the moment, can you tell us a little bit about it?

“I just arrived in Brisbane actually. But it’s a breath of fresh air for me ha-ha :-). I am originally from Chicago and I have recently discovered that I am most definitely a city girl. I love the skylines and places with history and all sorts of people. I am not the type to sit on a beach all day long. So I was excited to be in a city again, especially a friendly one!”

Wow, sounds exciting! Where are you heading next?

“I leave Australia from Melbourne (my last destination here) to go to Malaysia. Then I was going to take a train down to Singapore, then out of Malaysia to London and perhaps I will decide to go to Paris once I am there.”

Ok, now you made me even more jealous! After all this travelling around, can you tell us what your favorite place in the world is?

“I get this question all the time and I can never really answer. The best people are in Malawi. The most beautiful and breath-taking city has always been Paris/France in general. But a city that I love very much and really surprised me was Munich.”

Thank you so much Shannon, for finding some time to talk to us during your busy trip! We hope that you will be able to keep travelling as much as you want! I can say for myself and for many other people out there: “I wish I could do that as well!”! So please try to enjoy for all the rest of us here, would you? :-)

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