St. Patrick’s Day competition winner announced!


This wasn’t easy, to be sure. Again, we’ve had to trawl through quite a number of comments – some entertaining, some heartrending.

We’re very pleased to be able to give away this prize on St. Patrick’s Day, in celebration of Ireland’s patron saint. Who knows – next year we could give you the chance to actually join in the St. Patrick’s Day revelry in Dublin.

Castle Hotel Dublin

Castle Hotel Dublin

A great big thank you to the Castle Hotel in Dublin, whose generosity has made this possible. The lucky winner is bound to have a grand time staying in a double room for two nights and enjoying a free breakfast on each morning.

I’d better quit my jibber jabber and get down to announcing the winner.

Did I mention it wasn’t easy? In the end, we were swayed by the charm of Denis Byrne:

St. Patrick's Day competition winnerDenis’ connection to the Emerald Isle was enough to convince us – especially Raissa – that we’d be doing the right thing to give him the prize.

We hope this will add an extra special spark to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, Denis.

St. Patrick's Day in Dublin

St. Patrick's Day in Dublin (1)

Now that you have your hotel prize, you can concentrate on booking your flights (or boat!) to Dublin (and here’s somebody who might be able to help with that). As you prepare to visit Dublin, you can see some tips in Francisco’s guide to Dublin off the beaten track.

If you weren’t lucky this time, keep an eye out for future competitions, because we have some corkers coming up. A massive thanks to everyone for taking part; congratulations to Denis on your success, and we wish everyone a Sásta Lá Fhéile Pádraig.

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