Win 2 nights in Barcelona for Sant Joan!


Known as the Night of Fire, Sant Joan (San Juan in Spanish) coincides with the summer solstice, which marks the turning of the calendar. It’s a hugely popular event in Barcelona, celebrated with lots of merriment, fireworks, bonfires and music.

Parties rage well into the morning, in all corners of the city as well as on the beach. This is a time when the Spanish hold festivities to rival the Dutch Queen’s Day. Personally I’ve been part of it, so I can say from experience that it’s pretty nuts.

I’d definitely love to go again, but this isn’t about me; it’s about you. Thanks to the fabulous generosity of Andante Hotel we’re offering you the chance to win 2 nights for 2 people in Barcelona over Sant Joan.

Hotel Andante Double RoomAndante Hotel enjoys a fantastic location close to many of Barcelona’s major tourist attractions. Las Ramblas and Port Vell are a five minute walk away, so you can easily walk to Barceloneta Beach, the Aquarium, and Plaça Catalunya from here.

Hotel Andante Rooftop PoolInside, the hotel is completely brand new, sleek and modern, and has attractive facilities that include a rooftop swimming pool, solarium, and an on-site gymnasium.

Hotel Andante bathroomAs Sant Joan is pretty much an all-night festival, you’ll check into Andante Hotel on 23rd June, and then join in the revelry that night. You’ll need the following day to recuperate and perhaps also take in some of Barcelona’s incredible attractions.

You’ll check out on 25th June with a pocketful of stories to take home, and maybe even some photos to back it up.

So, once again: how on earth are you going to win this fantastic prize?

Sant Joan celebrates one of Spain’s most popular saints. Believe it or not Sant Joan (St. John the Baptist to some of us) is the patron saint of, amongst loads of other things, French Canadians. Here’s a question: if you were a saint, what would you be the saint of? Giraffes? Discounted cleaning products? Have a think about it.

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  2. Leave a comment on this post telling us what you’d be the saint of. You can leave your comment using your Facebook or Twitter account.

These special conditions apply:

  • the voucher is valid for 2 nights in a double room
  • check-in on 23rd June; check-out on 25th June
  • you must be a fan of our Facebook page
  • we’ll announce the winner on Monday 28th May 2012

Remember that there are plenty of people in our office who would rip my arm off to get at this prize, so make sure you’re in it to win it and don’t be selfish: share and share alike. May we all have a wonderful approach to summer.

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33 Responses to Win 2 nights in Barcelona for Sant Joan!

  1. Colin Reid says:

    Luckily for me I was canonised the saint of excellence already. Sant Joan would obviously love to have me in attendence of his rockin celebration to party the night away. Last time I met him at Saint Con 2010 he promised me as much coque as I could eat!

  2. Gill says:

    I would have to be the patron saint of Chocolate – I’d ensure it was thoroughly tested & make sure it was good for everyone, ie no calories or fat, just decadent goodness!

  3. randa kheir says:

    I’d love to be the saint of happiness, to paint a smile on everyone’s face:)

  4. Arnoud says:

    I’ll be Sant Estiu then. Since Sant Joan is to celebrate the start of the summer, I have to be there. Sorry other contestants 😉

  5. Robert Sanders says:

    I’d be the saint of dreams and I’d make everybody’s dream a reality. No nightmares allowed.

  6. Gillian O'Donnell says:

    Never mind St Patrick. i want be the patron saint of the poor misfortunate Irish who live their lives in a Wet world of grey and under a cloud of clume. I truly deserve a trip to Barcelona so I can feel the sun on my skin. Please improve my life!

  7. Katie Robinson says:

    I’d be the saint of Cava to let everyone have some of my bubbly happiness and make sure everyone has a fabulous time during all of the festivities. :-) Let the partayyyy begin :-)

  8. Melinda says:

    I think I would be the saint of hair dryers, since I am addicted to the sound of it. :)

  9. Tiina Mäkelä says:

    If I were a saint I’d be saint of sincerity because sincere people makes world better. :)
    It would be great to see how celebrating Sant Joan differs from Finnish way to party mid summer without sun going down.

  10. Graeme Fawell says:

    After doing some research on bizaree Patron Saints I discovered St Fiacre who is the Patron Saint of STD’s, gardeners and taxi drivers! With such randomness in mind, I’d probably be the Patron Saints of contraception, garden weeds and cyclists – just to give this fella a run for his money!

  11. Paul Witte says:

    Because I’m already a saint, the question seems to be a bit of a moot one, but in this case I will simply tell you what I am the saint of. And that is – among other things – writing. And especially the writing of quasi-intellectual, humorous, entertaining, and linguistically challenging tales topped off with a pinch of religiousness.

  12. Christine Ertelt says:

    I’m trying all my life to be a saint of love and hope, especially for all those tortured innocent souls, no matter if they are male, female or animal!

  13. Riccardo says:

    Mi piace

  14. Gerardo Zippone says:

    If i were San Juan, i’d be the saint of peace and mediation! or probably the travellers’ protector

  15. Olivier DELHOME says:

    Très bon site de voyages

  16. Massi says:

    Saint of Fireworks maker :)

  17. Bianca says:

    I’d be the saint of health! Too many deseases in our poor human body!

  18. Sophie says:

    Holà Easytobook ! Barcelone ville magnifique !!! J espère y retourner grâce à vous !!!!

  19. Helen Clarke says:

    I’d be the saint of smiles. Just one little smile can make someone’s day that little bit better :)

  20. Mike Stafford says:

    Patron saint of animals – they need one

  21. Nichola Hogg says:

    I’d be the saint of sunshine… It always puts a smile on your face and we all need a bit of sunshine and smiles with all this wet weather! :)

  22. Nichola Hogg says:

    I’d be the saint of bananas – you’ve got to love a banana, bright colourful fruit, filling and healthy with great nutritional properties… and hey being bananas helps :)

  23. Ana Soria says:

    To be honest… I’m not a Saint and I’ll never be…. so, why pretending XD? oh, yeah, because I want to win 2 free hotel nights in Barcelona… then, I’d be the Saint of all those who will never be Saints XD

  24. Helen Price says:

    I’d be the patron saint of politeness – a little can go a long way!!

  25. I’d be the Saint of Montjuic – just love those fountains – so magical along with the rest of Barcelona….

  26. Sarah east says:

    I would be the saint of unlucky as I have never won anything, EVER!! Please send saint unlucky to Barcelona!!! 

  27. Henk Smit says:

    I would be the Saint of Joy, because in this stressful and sometimes hostile world it is important to stand up for one self and ensure life is there to be enjoyed, not wasted!!! :-)

  28. laura jaynne-matthews says:

    I would be the patron saint of smiles, I always go the extra mile.
    To make my friends have a happy day, a hug, a call is all is takes
    I will always try my best to be, the kindest friend, my friends do see
    Birthdays, occassions I think of gifts, that they will like, will want and wish
    I don’t ask for anything in return, a smile is enough me for to earn

  29. Ángel says:

    Barcelona siempre merece la pena. Con San Juan, mejor. El patrón de las vaciones.

  30. yajaira basulto solis says:

    I will be celebrating “San Juan” with a mexican stile because I like to have fun in the beach, particularly in such a great city Barcelona, I love the beach there, “La Rambla” and the nice people all around the city!!!

  31. Pablo Villalva says:

    Being a translator, I would be the Saint of Words, because without them, we would be never able to travel… :-)

  32. Brett Antony Proctor says:

    I would be the patron saint of football, and what better place to celebrate than in Barcelona with some of the best footballers on the planet; Mesi, Iniesta, Javi, Pedro, Puyol et all.

  33. maes kris says:

    I think I would be saint Listerner – the most important skill in the world!