Win a 2 nights stay in a 4 star hotel in Barcelona!


This contest is now closed; please stay tuned for other info and contests!

August is over, and for our latest contest: Win a 2 nights stay in Madrid with 1 ‘like’, it is time to announce the winner:

Congratulations Lena Stein!

Lena, we will contact you soon to inform you about all the details.

Now let’s get back to business, especially for all of you that are not as lucky as Lena this time… No biggie, we have yet another awesome contest for you! First of all, as always, let’s talk about the prize. For the next winner we have a voucher for a 2 nights stay in a 4 star hotel in Barcelona, in the Hotel Diagonal Zero!

Just sleeping 2 nights in a 4 star hotel in Barcelona could be enough, but thanks to the Diagonal Zero we are able to offer you a prize that you will never forget!

The 2 nights stay will be in a Jacuzzi Suite, with breakfast included and access to the SPA and to the 15th Lounge… How amazing is that?

What to do to win is always the same:

  1. Like us on Facebook
    [like url=]
  2. Leave a comment on this post telling us why you deserve to go to Barcelona! You can leave your comment using your Facebook or Twitter account

These special conditions apply:

  • the voucher for the hotel is valid until 01/09/2012
  • reservations are upon request and subject to availability
  • the voucher is valid for 2 nights in a double room
  • you must be a fan of our Facebook page:
  • We will announce the winner 30 September 2011

So, now tell us: why do you deserve a 2 nights stay in a Jacuzzi Suite in Barcelona?

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About Gigi

Hi everyone! My name is Luigi but all my friends call me Gigi. I'm from Italy, more precisely from Naples, one of the most beautiful cities in the world! I moved to Amsterdam more than 2 years ago after I’ve travelled most tourist destinations for fun.

100 Responses to Win a 2 nights stay in a 4 star hotel in Barcelona!

  1. Clare Panyandee says:

    I have been to Barcelona once before for 2 days. Unfortunately on the day we arrived I went down with terrible flu. So while my family went out exploring, celebrating the sights, culture and food of this majestic city, I was in bed. For 2 days.
    I am a teacher but am facing a huge pay cut this year so no holidays for a while. A complimentary holiday would be fantastic, especially as I am facing the big 40!

  2. Jose Carlos Martins says:

    Who never dreamed about Barcelona and its artistic venues mixed with romanticism and genius? Gaudi, Picasso, Salvador Ali fell in love with Barcelona monumental and they get inspiration from it. Who knows if I will have the chance to feel it too?

    Jose Martins

  3. Rachel Kellond says:

    I went a while ago and have been sad ever since, the place is so much fun, so aesthetically beautiful that anywhere else looks shabby and drab! Even so, I would offer the weekend to my parents, they are the best and deserve a nice weekend away, they have been married 34 years and raised 3 daughters so not a lot of romantic getaways. They really deserve it, I know they will love to go.

  4. Hi to all! after 3 months of hard work taking care of the tourists at the Costa del Sol, I think to deserve a break in this beautiful city I have never seen :-)
    May the best win …………….and enjoy your stay!

  5. jacqueline buchanan says:

    I am 54 and weigh 17stones. I have just walked 1000kms from Seville to Santiago and I finished last week on 9th September 2011. It took me 7 weeks. Albergues are great for making friends but they are very basic with bunk beds (no sheets) and dormitories (no privacy). The Hotel Diagonal Zero looks like the height of luxury. I would live to stay in such luxury after 7 weeks of staying in Albergues. Thank you. Jacqueline

  6. Alice duarte says:

    I’ve never been to spain, but i would love to go. My two year old nephew passed away a few months ago and would like to go away for a few days but cant seem to save the money for it. Barcelona looks beautiful and would love to see it in real life instead of pictures. I think it’ll be a great experience for me and if i was the person to be chosen i would be so grateful.

  7. Jennifer Black says:

    I would love to win a stay in Barcelona as I’m studying a degree in Spanish and Politics, and could really do with practising with the locals! Unfortunately as a student I could never afford to stay in such a gorgeous hotel, and instead spend my days reading an writing essays (no typical ‘student’ lifestyle for me I’m afraid) and my weekends working for the minimum wage to help pay my extortionate London rent!


    I will like to visit barcelona because I love adventure and I`d like to embark on a tour of Spain any time soon .

  9. Michaela Sobotková says:

    I was in Barcelona when I was eight years old with my parents and brother. We went there by bus and I remember being really sick. I suppose I don’t have to describe in detail what happened. However, now I’m 28 and I’d like to show Barcelona that I´m able to walk through its streets and keep them clean at the same time:-).

  10. Andrea B says:

    i would like come back in Barcelona expecially with an amazing acomodation with easy book:) the best

  11. mohammadreza says:

    i had never been in barcelona and and if i have a chance for 2 night staying in 4 star hotel ,i am very very lucky man. It is my desire to see the city and know some new thing about the FC barcelona and newcamp stadium, I wish win 2 night stay……i am lucky ?….. i dont know

  12. Geraldine Mulder says:

    I deserve to go to Barcelona, because my husband won’t fly and it is too far to go by car. Maybe winning might convince him to fly or otherwise I will treat my daughter who wants to improve her Spanish. Barcelona attracts me so much, because it is a city and there are beaches nearby where you can cool down and relax.

  13. anne whittles says:

    i should win as me and my husband work so hard just to pay the bills and get the things the kids need but never have two minutes together we might get the odd saturday night together but apart from that were like ships in the night he gets up for work then i go to bed then i get up cook tea then he go,s to bed then i,m back at work and it like that all the time, we,d love to spent more time together and if i won this we could just enjoy each other for 2 full days.

  14. paulocheroto says:

    Wish best of luck to everybody but I would like to win this one and take my girlfriend to a very nice weekend in this beautiful city in this great hotel.

  15. Fadi says:

    It’s amazing to go to Barcelona, I’ll accompany with me my son who’s a big fan of barcelona, he would love it & for sure he’ll try to meet Messi & the other famous players.

  16. rivka lagziel says:

    i never been at barcelona/ i will have my birthday at october and this can be my surprise present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy birthday to me!!!!!!

  17. Jens Sorensen says:

    I am cheeky: I DONT care of 4 star hotel with jacuzzi in Barcelona.- there a better ways:
    I lived in that amazing city for 2 years and it gets better and better every year. It is Europes best quality of life city to visit- Barcelona keeps inventing and changing herself for the better and she has style, colorfullness, aroma, flirty eyes and is full of life and rythm. She will even make a homosexual go straight!!!!
    I return twice a year. A competiton prize off course would help getting antoher trip to a city that has gotten into my dna and veins – IBarca is better than my homecity – Go go go. anytime of year
    Jens Copenhagen

  18. Aswintha Vermeulen says:

    Hi! I would love to go to Barcelona for two days as I have worked 7 days a week for 4 months, sometimes 17 hours a day. I graduated one day before I started this job and I had my birthday in these 4 months! So I worked really hard and had no chance to celebrate neither my graduation nor my birthday, so now I think that I deserve a break!!! :-). Also I would love to spend some time with my wonderful boyfriend who will have to miss me for a lot months again in the near future. Please help us out! :-)

  19. Hassan Barrada says:

    I’m planning to get married by next Spring/Summer 2012, and i believe that this will be a great thing to do during my honeymoon.. specially that neither do i or my girlfriend (Future wife) have been to Barcelona Before !!!
    If i got this opportunity, then mostly i’ll plan to spend my honeymoon in Spain, and use this opportunity in Barcelona. And above all, i believe it will be amazing to ve a jacuzzi in my room during the honeymoon.. wish to try :)))

  20. mohd alqolally says:

    we like barchlona footbal team

  21. zuheb says:

    i would love to go barcelona and stay in this lovely hotel

  22. Andrea Juric says:

    Hey my name is Andrea, I’m from germany but I live in the netherlands now with my boyfriend and I’m studying international tourism and travel industry on nhtv in breda. I have a lot to study all the time so I would love to go to Barcelona with my boyfriend to get a break from my studies and of course to discover Barcelona, the food, culture and people. I really hope you will give me the chance to see Barcelona and to give me a break of my studies. :)

  23. CABILLAN says:

    If I win this would be my first ever time visiting spain (barcelona) and I am proud in being able to visit the city of my favourite football club F.C BARCELONA. It would be a Life dream come true and I feel happy to win it here as a customer of easytobook. Thank you for providing us with this huge oppurtunity to realise our dreams :)..

  24. Merilyn Fenton says:

    First of all I would like to say that this is a fantastic competition.
    Why do I deserve a trip to Barcelona, well this trip would be a fantastic gift for my sister. With all that has happened in the last couple of years she needs a vacation. After losing our mother to cancer and going through all the stress of planning her funeral it has taken a toll. On work, a dishonest employee who has the boss’ ear, is giving her a hard time, at home my father is going out of his mind and stressing us out but more so her. Barcelona is her favorite city in the entire world as it is home to her team Barcelona FC.
    So this trip would mean a lot to her.

    Thank you for reading.


  25. Bruce Staunton, Leamington Spa says:

    Two reasons why I would like to go to Barcalona:
    1) I am an Architect and would love to see and ‘feel’ the architecture of Antonio Gaudi, both his
    buildings (cathedral and residential apartments) and his Parc Guell, and also the other Catalan
    buildings of note, and
    2) My son lives in Barcalona and I would like to visit him and maybe see a Barcalona football
    game, preferably against Real Madrid.

  26. Mick mangan says:

    It would be so lovely to get away from rainy old Ireland and spend some R&R in la rambla. One other city hopefully off the bucket list

  27. Marian Flynn Power says:

    What can I say? What a fab prize!! I’d just love to visit Barcelona, soak up the beautiful architecture, tapas, shopping, sights and sounds, have the sun caress my face :) Haven’t had a holiday with my hard-working hubby since our honeymoon late last year. Gracias.

  28. Eva Chapman says:

    Barcelona I hear, is a city
    So eccentric and so fabulously witty.
    The men are delicious
    The food is nutritious
    To not visit would be a dreadful pity!

  29. randa says:

    Coz u rock! You offer stays in gr8 places 4 people who are passionate about travelling like me;)

  30. rivoallan says:

    Why Bacelona? Because simply a so exciting city to visit.

  31. says:

    I was in Barcelona once for one night but didn’t get to see anything I wanted as my husband couldn’t help but eat his way around the city going from one Tapas restaurant to the next. I would love the opportunity to see it properly. :)

  32. Ron Yellinek says:

    22sep is our 35 year anniversary and we love barcelona

  33. MARLENE PRYER says:

    I am 60 years old have always been there for all my kids grandikids and great grandkids and think deserve the break along with my brother who has also been there especially when I lost my husband 15 years ago so he has also been there for my family

  34. Tineke Jansse says:

    Super, such a beautiful chance to visit Barcelona! This year was too busy for my husband and me, so to relax in Barcelona in a more than a beautiful hotel, to walk over the Ramblas, to see the works of Gaudi and other architects, that would be the most beautiful dream in a long time…

  35. Rebecca Hendriks says:

    I deserve to WIN! this because it is my Birthday in October and its my 30th. I will have two of my BFF’s in Palma de Mallorca just by chance and it would be just delightful if we could meet up in my favourite bustling town of BCN and celebrate in style like only we know how! Pretty please with cherries on top… pick me!

  36. Kim Courtney says:

    I have never been to Barcelona. My partneR and I have been working very hard sorting out his home , painting etc., his tenent really trashed his place. Repairs are the order of the day’ We are not so young anymore and are finding this DIY heavy going. A lovely break would be just the biz.
    Pleeeeeeeease consider us.

  37. christos michael says:

    Hello everyone i believe that barcelona is the best place to go for holidays since it’s got everything you can ask for from touring to nightlife to beaches and plenty of more things to do. I would really want to win this competition since I am planning to propose to my girlfriend and would like to propose in magical barcelona.

  38. Rosa Marrugat Masvidal says:

    YES! I deserve to go to Barcelona and have the opportunity to LIVE two MAGIC nights in this nice and elegant hotel. This great city has everything. And also celebrate with my husband our “20 years” of marriage. A very especial moment to share! Awesome 2 days and 2 nights! Thank you!

  39. Ejiroghene Madedor says:

    I watched a documentary on the travel channel about visiting Barcelona. All i can say is “here i come Barcelona”

  40. Ragnhild Blomdahl says:

    I deserve to go to Barcelona because of love. In love with the golden beach, in love with the stones in the old town, in love with the marvellous Gaudi, in love with the spirit of the best town in the world.

  41. Sabine says:

    After a rainy summer full of studying, lovesickness and healthproblems i’m desperately looking for a good start of a period full of luck, drinks and love. What would be a better place for this change than lovely Barcelona?! Xx

  42. Maria Lopez says:

    I wish to visit Barcelona at easy and awesome way. Thank you

  43. Odiase Roseline Osa says:

    Quite interesting!!!!! I have been to london and paris. definitely my next point of visit is barcelona and florida especially for the fact that my son ernesto is spanish, resides in barcelona and i am a fan of the catalans also. i sure will watch them play at the camp nou in person live and direct soonest!!!!! believe me…..

  44. kieran m says:

    I have been to Barcelona many times, its my favourite city, but I have never stayed in 4 star accommadation, now that’s a prize, Maybe I’ll be lucky .

  45. Prodip Chand Dugar says:

    I wish to win this because I have read much about Barcelona with a tremendous attraction to this city as a student of History and now as a teacher of History but never got a chance to see the wonderful city. This chance will be a milestone in my life provided I got the chance and to stay in this luxurious hotel which I never got as a poor man of East.

  46. jessicalee bricchi says:

    It will be just fantastic to pass some time with my mummy in barcellona the city that we allways sed that we will visit togheter! hope to win :)

  47. Amy & Dale says:

    To sit in a jacuzzi and relax would be perfect after the husbands 7months in Afghanistan……. chill time is much needed! We’d like to win!

  48. david leader says:

    i dont deserve a holiday but if i dont deserve to go anywhere it would be barcelona.

  49. Yuriy Volkov says:

    This trip will give me a positive tone for the whole year!

    For many of us who had a tough hard-working year there should be some space for rest.
    This simple reason makes us flee from our routine and mundane life to special places where we gain true comfort and recreation.
    Barcelona – the best city in Europe to serve the purpose!
    We know it ! We deserve it! Well, yes… We compete for it . :-)

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