Win a 2 nights stay in a 4 star hotel in Barcelona!


This contest is now closed; please stay tuned for other info and contests!

August is over, and for our latest contest: Win a 2 nights stay in Madrid with 1 ‘like’, it is time to announce the winner:

Congratulations Lena Stein!

Lena, we will contact you soon to inform you about all the details.

Now let’s get back to business, especially for all of you that are not as lucky as Lena this time… No biggie, we have yet another awesome contest for you! First of all, as always, let’s talk about the prize. For the next winner we have a voucher for a 2 nights stay in a 4 star hotel in Barcelona, in the Hotel Diagonal Zero!

Just sleeping 2 nights in a 4 star hotel in Barcelona could be enough, but thanks to the Diagonal Zero we are able to offer you a prize that you will never forget!

The 2 nights stay will be in a Jacuzzi Suite, with breakfast included and access to the SPA and to the 15th Lounge… How amazing is that?

What to do to win is always the same:

  1. Like us on Facebook
    [like url=]
  2. Leave a comment on this post telling us why you deserve to go to Barcelona! You can leave your comment using your Facebook or Twitter account

These special conditions apply:

  • the voucher for the hotel is valid until 01/09/2012
  • reservations are upon request and subject to availability
  • the voucher is valid for 2 nights in a double room
  • you must be a fan of our Facebook page:
  • We will announce the winner 30 September 2011

So, now tell us: why do you deserve a 2 nights stay in a Jacuzzi Suite in Barcelona?

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About Gigi

Hi everyone! My name is Luigi but all my friends call me Gigi. I'm from Italy, more precisely from Naples, one of the most beautiful cities in the world! I moved to Amsterdam more than 2 years ago after I’ve travelled most tourist destinations for fun.

100 Responses to Win a 2 nights stay in a 4 star hotel in Barcelona!

  1. Gwen says:

    Just like the prize big time :). Would be an awesome break for a school and work life like mine.
    These 2 nights off to Barcelona, would be a great opportunity to relax my brain and bones.

  2. Nichola Hogg says:

    Barcelona is the 16th-most-visited city in the world and 4th most visited in Europe after Paris, London, and Rome, with several million tourists every year, yet I still haven’t managed to get there despite it being on my list! Maybe this is my chance? :) xx

  3. Lena Stein says:

    Oh my God thank you Gigi that is great news! I didn’t expect to win at all! So it does pay off to keep taking part in your awesome contests! This literally made my day as it is once again freezingly cold and cloudy here today once again so I am excited to get to travel to Madrid and soak up some sun! Thank you so much! You all are amazing! Yay! :) xxx

  4. Radha says:

    After using easytobook few times, it would be lovely for them to treat me in luxury in the beautiful Barca :) Already dreaming of myself in the Jacuzzi with tapas and sangriaaaa on the side 😉

  5. Megan says:

    I’ve never been to Barcelona and would love to see Gaudi’s masterpieces!

  6. Cihan says:

    My 13 years old daugther would love to see Barcelona and 29th of august was her birthday that will be a great present for her to see La Sagrada and Parc Guel and Hotel Diagonal Zero where she will love the luxury presented in a modern way. Great hotel and location.

  7. chris says:

    nous avons adoré!!!

  8. Ahh i just realized i had to put an comment over here (too) ahh. well. You all know i want to win this so bad!.

    I will bring my date with me, and enjoy life in Barcelona <3

  9. Saima says:

    I live in Amsterdam and we didn’t have a summer here this year, literally speaking;-) I am soooo craving to be in the sun and to visit a great city like Barcelona ,but being a phd student, can’t afford this luxury just yet, unless I win this prize!! I think a short trip like this (if I win) could trigger me to finish my dissertation write-up earlier, and then surely easytobook, barcelona and the hotel experience would rightly deserve a place in the acknowledgements of my thesis – well, at least as something magical that did the wonder!! Fingers crossed x

  10. Ivana Jasenkova Olsagova says:

    I´d like to see …..I want, and I want and I want……so easy :-))))))))

  11. Darren says:

    Barcelona is the most amazing city… superb architecture, lovely food and drink, warm and friendly people and just perfect for an weekend break!

  12. Lene says:

    Have been i Barcelona once with ny husbond and our 1 year old son. We only had a small taste og beautiful Barcalona: looked into the windows of cosy tapas places, passed several fashion butiques and museeums but family time was the purpose if the trip…I would love to go back wirh my husbond just the two of us:)

  13. Darren says:

    Barcelona is the most amazing city to visit for a weekend break. Fantastic architecture, lovely warm and friendly people, great food and drink and fab beaches… Anybody visiting will want to return :-)

  14. Cindy paelinckx says:

    I deserve this amazing gift, because I am in love with this all-round city and it would be a great occasion to meet up with some friends, living there, that I haven’t seen in a long time!

  15. lieve lambrecht says:

    due to all the shopping & terrace hopping :-) last time we were Barcelona, we could surely use another splendid weekend in Barcelona – sponsored by EasyToBook team ! Looking forward to it !
    PS: does it include shopping cards :-)

  16. Uli Nitschke says:

    Ich liebe Barcelona. Ich heiratet im Deutschen Consulat in Barcelona und unsere
    Zwillinge Nuria ( Schutzheilige von Catalunien ) und Merche ( Schutzheilige von Barcelona )
    wurden in Barna geboren ..leider mussten wir aus geschaeftlichen Gruenden Barcelona
    verlassen und in Nordamerika und in Deutschland zu leben.. pero me corazon todavia
    esta en Barcelona — mein Herz ist immer noch in Barcelona. Hoffentlich koennen wir bald
    wieder dort sein..

  17. Anke Bakx says:

    With 3 young children (3 year old girl and 15 month old twinboys) life is always very hectic. We would love to spend a few days together to relax in this in this amazing city and great hotel!!!

  18. Femke Wismans says:

    I would really love to go to Barcelona with my boyfriend. He’s a great fan of FC Barceloba, so we really want to see the beautiful city and the stadion ourselves!

  19. Hi. I’d love to win a trip to Barcelona with my husband. I have been there before on a work trip but unfortunately the company I was visiting took me out and I got so drunk that I can’t remember anything about the trip!

  20. jahira says:

    Easytobook has provided some pretty decent places for me and my friends to stay in over the past 18 months so I’m absolutely sure that the 2 nights at the Jacuzzi Suite will be amazing going from past experiences! Never been to Barcelona, would love to take my little sister since she’s just finished finals but wasn’t able to go away this Summer :(
    Even If I don’t win this I’ll still use easytobook as they offer value-for-money, popular, city-based accomodation, wouldn’t use any other website!

  21. Astrid says:

    Barcelona…I have been dreaming about going there for sooo long. Now I am turning 40 and seems to be the only one in the world, who hasent been for a weekend of tapas and cava. I want to go!!!!!

  22. Dhiraj Kumar Gupta says:

    Barcelona is my dream place to visit. I planned to go there in Dec 2010 but on my way to Euro Airport, Basel, i got a sms from EasyJet that my flight was cancelled due to strike by Air Controller officials in Spain. This time again i have booked a flight ticket on 3oth September but my co-passenger cannot go because he has to go back to India but hey i will go there for sure this time. Wish me All the very best. Barcelona, here i come. Yeeeeeeeeeee.

  23. Mike Stafford says:

    I have been racking my brains to find somewhere romantic to propose to my girlfriend, but sadly on a limited budget! So I would like to win this prize as I would love to be able to do this in the “15th lounge”, in a great hotel in a very romantic city.

  24. Gery says:

    Because it’s a place I love, one of those I love the most! this opportunity would make me love Barcelona even more!

  25. Nigel Gascoigne says:

    I just need a holiday with my wife who for the last 10 years I have seen every 3rd week :-)

  26. Jackie Gray says:

    What a great competition. I would love to win this and take my gorgeous husband George as a surprise and as a thank you for his fabulous support to me last year. I would try and get tickets for a Barcelona game which would be a treat in his 40th birthday year. Fingers crossed!!!

  27. Eva says:

    Why should I win two nights in Barcelona?! Just because I’ m in love with that city… And I would love to take a very special man with me. He never went to Barça!!!

  28. Karla says:

    My beloved Grandma died last week. I need time and space to get on with this.

  29. Jackie says:

    Wow..what a fantastic prize! Barcelona is on my bucket list..never been..always wanted to go and to win would be such a treat. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that lady luck is with me.

  30. Ciro says:

    Because for me who am from Naples, being in Barcelona means feel like at home….

  31. Karin says:

    This year holiday started with à hike along à river in the Ardèche. After 30 minutes I fell down 3 meter. I was lucky! had only two very blue and thick ankles. After One week I was able To walk with crutches. My husband took care of me. I would love To show him Barcelona and give him (us) THE possibility To relax in This hotel and jaccuzi!

    Would be great!!

  32. Elaine Ryder says:

    Barcelona is worth a weekend just for La Sagrada Familia – seen it twice and tracking its progress – but so much else that makes it the perfect place for a short break in this relaxed arty, cultured, historical and fascinating city in the sun.

  33. zoe says:

    I WANT to reveal the truth about Gaudi !
    Send me there, I’ll bring you the evidences….

  34. Tamara Timmermans says:

    Because we are going to barca next week after not being on holiday for 2 years ! Would be great to have an upgrade hihi xxx

  35. alessandra says:

    because Barcelona is th queen of the towns…..and I am a queen!

  36. Olivier Moreillon says:

    have never been to spain. but people keep telling me how great barca is, what i’m missing and i believe them. so i guess it’s high time i went there and saw for myself…

  37. Attilio Di Pietro says:

    I have already planned in a near future, to bring my wife and first of all my little son in Spain on Holiday. Barcelona, I already have personally visited, is the most fascinnating city of Spain.
    It would be lovely to spent 2 nights there with my family, especially during autumn or winter!

  38. mike wright says:

    Everyone who’s been says Barcelona is a unique, vibrant happening place. I’d love the chance to show my partner why. Easy to say she deserves it – hope Easy to book keeps with these great competitions

  39. Josh Bradley says:

    I’d love to take my girlfriend to Barcelona to celebrate our 5th anniversary this year and propose to her in this lovely city. Fingers crossed.

  40. Caroline Abrahams says:

    OMG, I’d love to win this! Barcelona is the place to be right now, amazing history, amazing architecture, amazing beach, amazing food, oh and amazing nightlife! What more could a girl ask for in a prize??? I know, an amazing man too! 😉

  41. chris williams says:

    We live in Spain but work so many hours that we never get to travel and see more of the country and Barcelona has always been top of our list

  42. Cath Brimmell says:

    Winning this would mean I can show one of my loved ones the magic of this magnificent city. The hotel is an oasis of luxury with transport into the city close by. We can explore the culture, architecture, cuisine and other delights during the day and return to relax at the hotel. This would be a wonderful break for our current hectic, DIY dominated lives!

  43. Nawal says:

    Hi easytobook!
    It think its awsome that you have these special surprises. I hope i could win this … Not only for me as a student but also for my mom. She has reumatoide artritis which is a painfull disease especially when you are living in a cold country like the netherlands. The weather here has an effect on the pain she feels in her joints. I would love to take my mom on a trip to Barcelona to help her forget the pain a bit and enjoy a great city.

  44. La vida es un sueno.Life is a dream but perhaps for 2 nights Barcelona would become a reality.

  45. Ksenija says:

    Barcelona is the city you always wanna go back to…it would be so nice to go back there in such a style…thank you for this wonderful prize!
    Muchissmos saludos :)

  46. Jo Barnfield says:

    I spent my honeymoon in Barcelona and would love the chance to go back!
    Thanks! xx

  47. I would love the opportunity 2 experience such a lovely culteral place with my husband. We r expecting r first baby in 5 weeks and the break would be perfect,
    especially after a very hard year with family bearvements. Thanks.

  48. sara mc namara says:

    I deserve to win a trip to barcelona because of bills,there has been no thrills.`tis a long time since I saw the sun shine…it would banish the blues if i got the news; that I was off to the sun for some easy fun

  49. noga rozin says:

    hi. my name is noga and i’m from israel, and i deserve to win the contest becaus i’m in love with messi the football player and my dream is to see football game in barcelona, and this winning could acomlish my wishing…

  50. vicky Bray says:

    tried Barcelona once and would love to do it again pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

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