Win a magic trio: Amsterdam, Canal Cruise and Champagne


Happy New Year to everyone! Yes, we might be a little bit late on that, but these days are always busy for us… Christmas is a great time to travel, and since our job is to make your travel as smooth as possible, we worked hard to make it happen.

But now we are back on track, and to start 2012 on the right foot, we have a new amazing contest for you! Thanks to the Singel Hotel in Amsterdam we are giving away a magic trio: 2 nights in double/twin room with breakfast, a canal cruise and a bottle of champagne!

What to do to win:

  1. Like us on Facebook
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  2. Leave a comment on this post telling us why you deserve to go to Amsterdam! You can leave your comment using your Facebook or Twitter account

These special conditions apply:

  • the voucher for the hotel is valid until 31st December 2012
  • reservations are upon request and are subject to availability
  • the voucher is valid for 2 nights in a double/twin room with breakfast
  • you must be a fan of our Facebook page:
  • we will announce the winner on 15th February 2012

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About Gigi

Hi everyone! My name is Luigi but all my friends call me Gigi. I'm from Italy, more precisely from Naples, one of the most beautiful cities in the world! I moved to Amsterdam more than 2 years ago after I’ve travelled most tourist destinations for fun.

130 Responses to Win a magic trio: Amsterdam, Canal Cruise and Champagne

  1. Ciro Manno says:

    I deserve it because I was there recently and wanna go back thereeeeeeeee

  2. Miss H says:

    To smell tulips, eat cheese and wear clogs!

  3. elisseos fytros says:

    Amsterdam: the eternal romantic city!!!

  4. It’s like this guys- my partner & I LOVE Amsterdam. So much so I’m trying (& failing!) to learn Dutch. I think I’ve entered every competition so far to try & win a trip to Amsterdam- other countries are lovely- but none say “home from home” for us like Amsterdam. I’ve tried funny reasons, serious reasons & everything in between. Basically, please pick me. I’m running out of ideas! My 5 cats & 2 kids won’t be pleased if I’m away for a few days but I would be ecstatic! Yes-I am a crazy cat lady! LMAO 😉
    It would help in my quest to learn Dutch- if my partner wouldn’t open his mouth & go “Hello- what about ye?” to anyone who speaks Dutch to us when we’re over- I’d be happy! I understand a bit more each time I visit, by pretending to be a native!
    Also, in the years I have visited, I have never once been on a canal cruise. That would be nice (on the feet!) as well as the opportunity to taste a wee bottle of champers. Aw, go on- you will.
    aub & dank u wel

  5. Mothboy says:

    Amsterdam, the best city in Europe, by far

  6. It is such a beautiful city, I’d love to go back. Tons of bikes, great art, it’s like the venice of the north. Seriously what is not to love about Amsterdam?

  7. serena perry says:

    Amsterdam is my favourite place! I’ve just had two babies back to back and this would be the perfect place for a much needed break! The people are so friendly, there are so many different places to eat and I love all the little bars and cafes, each so unique! Pick me!

  8. Hatman says:

    For the magnificent selection of Dutch paintings from the Golden Age : yes.
    For all other aspect of Amsterdam : so yes !

  9. Claudia says:

    They say I was in Amsterdam, but I can’t remember. A picture of me at the Red Light district says it all… How can I not want to go back???????????
    Take me back please!!!!!!

  10. Ava says:

    I can’t discribe how much I would Iove to win this price. I absolutely adore amersterda
    But have being unable to go in over 3years due to the birth of my child. Every thing about Amsterdam is amazing. I also have close family over there who I would love to see. I want to win this more than anything please pick me


    iI like vry much Amsterdam. I call it the small Venice !!!!!!!

  12. pyrros says:

    Never been there and i wanna make a present to my girlfriend.

  13. Paula Graham says:

    I would love to go to Amsterdam as I think it’s the most romantic city ever and I love the people there, they are so friendly and willing to help when this girl looses her direction in the oh so complex array of streets and alleyways!!! (maybe it is my navigation skills which need dusting off!) My boyfriend reliably informs me that he intends to propose to me somewhere romantic and he knows I love Amsterdam and have always said the day I return with will be the day I am with my future boyfriend/fiance/love of my life. Only draw-back….we have no money to enjoy such extravagent things and to win this trip would mean the world to the both of us. Please God, bring me some good luck…..

  14. Lena Maxwell says:

    I always wanted to see the city of Amsterdam and since it is my mom´s 50th birthday soon, I´d love to take her there and enjoy some time with her!

  15. Evis Bakiri Read says:

    Hey well I’ve been several times to this amazing city but my husband and my 2 year old son have never been so that’s why this prize would be amazing :)

  16. Judith Hay says:

    Amazing City
    My favourite amongst all the Capitals in Europe I visited
    Serene elegant and charming
    There is so much to do and see, it is breath taking
    Everyone should go there at least once and preferably dozens of times
    Relaxing, restful daytimes- a place that will just warm your heart
    Dont be fooled though when it comes alive, the vibrancy takes you by storm
    A jewel of a city that shines for everyone who visits it
    Make the most of the most wonderful people ! You wont see that friendlinees everywhere

    I think that tells you why I would like to win a trip there!

  17. Lee Reed says:

    Would love my family to be able to visit Amsterdam so my father, who lives there, could meet our 8 week old little baby boy.

  18. Judith Hay says:

    Why do I deserve to go there? I look after a very elderly mother full time and it would be a wonderful prize to spend some time in a very beautiful city. Now that would be some respite believe me. Good luck to you all I am sure you all deserve to win xx

  19. Mark tolson says:

    What can I say……the best place ever, been there 5 times courtesy of easy to book and would live there if I won the lottery. Oh and it was the first place I ever visited with my beautiful wifey…..perfect.

  20. Stephen says:

    Amsterdam is the city that makes you feel alive. It is what the word vibrant was invented for; the culture and art is second to none, it seethes with possibility and history meets the most modern of times head on. We love canals, old quarters and new sights; we love that its easy to book there; we even love champagne. And its where I go to fall in love. Again. And again. And again. Now its time I returned with my partner to the most significant of places in our story, to start our next chapter.

  21. Julie says:

    My husband and myself would love to win this break. My husband is having major back surgery beginning of march and he’s out of work for 3months. He’s self employed so wont be earning and I think it will do him the world of good having something to look forward to once he’s recovered.

    We both love Amsterdam and would love to return soon

  22. Amira says:

    I would love to win this prize! My anniversary’s coming up soon. I’ll be with the man of my dreams for 3 years on February 23rd. I’ve never been with anyone that has every quality I dreamed my prince charming would have. He’s it. He’s The One. It would be so fun to spend a weekend away in this beautiful place.

  23. Teresa Coppola says:

    I deserve it because I like travelling and I never been in Amsterdam. I seen very amazing photos of the city and so I’d like to go there…

  24. Benja says:

    I love Amsterdam! I would like go with my girlfriend again. I was there on 2010, it was really cold and snowy, but it was great anyway!

  25. I love Amsterdam! I would like go with my girlfriend again. I was there on 2010, it was really cold and snowy, but it was great anyway!

  26. sussi jeppesen says:

    My family of five booked a holiday with Spanair and now they have gone out of business and our money lost :-( I hope for a trip to Amsterdam …

  27. Nickiy says:

    Hi, my first trip away with my boyfriend was Amsterdam last year. I totally fell in love with my boyfriend there. We loved the city and we Plan to go back this year to a music festival. Amsterdam will always hold a special place in my heart. To win this competition would be amazing ! I also booked a city break to barcelona through easy to book a couple of years ago. The accommodation was really great, thankyou !!

  28. Simon potter says:

    I would love to win this to take my amazing girlfriend, she definitley deserves it!

  29. Rachael Davies says:

    I deserve to win a trip to amsterdam because i just know I would appreciate it more than any other applicant! It is my favourite city in the world an I love the atmosphere, it is full of life an fun at any hour of the day or night just like me! I have no trips planned for this year an amsterdam is the only place I ever want to go so please please please pick me! :)

  30. kim hartley says:

    Couldn,t think of a nicer piece of good luck!

  31. I spend all my time studying so this will help me relax a lot!

  32. Claire says:

    To get mushied up, get stoned, join in on the sex shows and party like there’s no tommorow! Best weekend of my life and prepared to have an even better one. Met some good friends, good music and an overall intriguing culture! Amazing Amsterdam!

  33. esther says:

    because I want to take my love there,so romatic :)

  34. mario says:

    because i belong to amsterdam!

  35. Susan Bovenizer says:

    I deserve to win this trip because I have been here before and have told my mother all about it and am planning on bringing her as a surprise and winning this trip would make it more exciting!! Love this hotel !!

  36. Oleksandra says:

    I’d love to go to Amsterdam. I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard so many great things about this city that and I’ve seen lots of pictures of Amsterdam that it is impossible not to fall in love with it. I want to see the city, to roam its streets, to smell tulips, to rent a boat to explore its canals.

  37. josh says:

    Ello, me and my girlfriend met in Amsterdam 2 years ago on NYE, had an absolutely amazing time and have always spoke about going back one day, but due to bank balances it doesn’t look like its happening anytime soon haha. Would be wonderful if you would consider us. Cheeeeers x

  38. Diana Bang says:

    Amsterdan is the top of cool AND one of the most heart-warming of Europe’s great old cities. Anyone who loves design (both classic and quirky) and architecture – and good food from all over the world – feels at home in Amsterdam. The people of Amsterdam are definitely the best, so friendly and laid back and welcoming. I love Berlin and Lisbon and even arrogant Paris, but Amsterdam got into my heart and stayed there – love at first sight. Everybody who writes here deserves to win the trip – they all love the place – but obviously, I hope it’ll be me. A lovers’ trip for me and my husband…

  39. natalie jordan says:

    Hi i really want to win this, as my last trip to Amsterdam turned out to be a bit of a disaster and i would love to return there and have good memories with my other half as we both love the place. thanxs

  40. Ian says:

    Having stayed at the Singel Hotel last year we would love a return visit .
    Although retired we still find Amsterdam a wonderful,endearing,romantic city which is close to our hearts.

  41. johan de meyere says:

    Je kan er boeken kopen
    Die je hier heel zelden vindt
    Je kan er langs de grachten lopen
    Je haar los in de wind
    Je kan er uren slijten
    De parken zijn er groen
    Je kan er naar Van Gogh gaan kijken
    Dat zou je eigenlijk wel eens moeten doen
    Je bent er vogelvrij
    (Kris DB)

  42. paolo cotani says:

    w amsterdam!!!!

  43. elisseos fytros says:

    amsterdam: such an liberal city, such an erotic city!!!

  44. David Wainwright says:

    Ik hou van Amsterdam , nix meer ,

  45. shanaia says:

    i would like to come back to the netherlans…even better if it´s ams!!! I feel half-dutchie since I studied at tilburg uni two years ago and i would like to show my second home to my boyfriend the way I felt the country… the smell of the canals… the naughty youth night and the private parties at the typical holland houses with duth people…if u meet a duth you meet a friend forever…but we cannot forget that my opinion about the country is subjetive…Over smaak valt niet te twisten.!!!!!!!!

  46. alan kilpatrick says:

    just been paid of depressed and fed up need break

  47. Robert Hörker says:

    Amsterdam is my city. EasyToBook is my site.

  48. lory says:

    wow ….I like Amsterdam…

  49. Johannes Stabel says:

    I really dont believe I deserve to go Amsterdam. I’d like to, but I dont know why anyone should deserve to go there. The only thing I believe we deserve is death, at some point, but not even death we deserve without working hard. “Thou, O God, dost sell us all good at the price of hard labour” *Leonardo da Vinci

  50. Mark Whiting says:

    Love this city, five kids and a wife both work full time what more do I need to say apart from what better a place than the great city of Amsterdam to really RELAX and watch the world an all them faces pass by!!

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