Win a magic trio: Amsterdam, Canal Cruise and Champagne


Happy New Year to everyone! Yes, we might be a little bit late on that, but these days are always busy for us… Christmas is a great time to travel, and since our job is to make your travel as smooth as possible, we worked hard to make it happen.

But now we are back on track, and to start 2012 on the right foot, we have a new amazing contest for you! Thanks to the Singel Hotel in Amsterdam we are giving away a magic trio: 2 nights in double/twin room with breakfast, a canal cruise and a bottle of champagne!

What to do to win:

  1. Like us on Facebook
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  2. Leave a comment on this post telling us why you deserve to go to Amsterdam! You can leave your comment using your Facebook or Twitter account

These special conditions apply:

  • the voucher for the hotel is valid until 31st December 2012
  • reservations are upon request and are subject to availability
  • the voucher is valid for 2 nights in a double/twin room with breakfast
  • you must be a fan of our Facebook page:
  • we will announce the winner on 15th February 2012

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About Gigi

Hi everyone! My name is Luigi but all my friends call me Gigi. I'm from Italy, more precisely from Naples, one of the most beautiful cities in the world! I moved to Amsterdam more than 2 years ago after I’ve travelled most tourist destinations for fun.

130 Responses to Win a magic trio: Amsterdam, Canal Cruise and Champagne

  1. Taran says:

    Never been there and would love to experience the magic of Amsterdam

  2. I went to Amsterdam for the first time for new year 2011-2012 with my boyfriend and friends , it is an amazing place and loved every second of it! I would love to go back with just my bOyfriend so we can properly explore the amazing place :) x

  3. Crisci David says:

    I live in Brussels and never been in Amsterdam, I’m ashamed and would be very happy to visit this beautiful city in 2012…

  4. Chris says:

    Amsterdam? It’s a must see place! The huge number of canals, the astonishing and beautiful old city, the narrow twisted streets and the obvious possibility (almost for sure) of getting lost! Been there, done that! Waiting to do this again 😉

  5. david51248 says:

    Have only been to amsterdam once in my life and would love to go back but can’t afford it

  6. Ernest Gu says:

    Cause I just love Amsterdam !
    Never been there and would love to experience the magic of Amsterdam!

  7. Harold says:

    Unlike most of the posts I have never been to Amsterdam, let alone Singel Hotel, but my wife has a very good friend who recently returned to Amsterdam and it would be a great surprise to visit her.

  8. Daisy says:

    Because we’re so nice! Amsterdam is gorgeous: van Gogh Museum; Rijksmuseum; the beautiful flower market; wonderful Indonesian food; We’d love to go there together & would make the most of every moment.

  9. Madi Van Horenbeek says:

    Would love to discover Jacques Brel’s “Dans le port d’Amsterdam”.

  10. Fabrizio Ciancio says:

    Hi everybody,I’m Fabrizio from Italy.I was twice in that beautiful city and I lived in The Netherlands for 6 months.This time I’d like to go to Amsterdam with my girlfriend,she never took the airplane in her life and your beautiful trip would be the best present for our love and for her first time abroad!
    Hup Holland Hup

  11. Gillian Dainty says:

    I would love to have 2 nights in Amsterdam as I already have the flights from Perth, I am meeting my sister in Amsterdam in July, and so far I
    have NO accomodation. I paid for my flight when I had the money as I havent seen my family for 2 years, and now I have
    no job and no husband…please help me and let me win…

  12. Ligia Aguilar says:

    Hola!!! Would I miss the opportunity to win anything to go Amsterdam? Hell noooo!! Would I miss the opportunity to stay in a fancy hotel when the one opportunity to be in a hotel in Amsterdam was in a crappy stinky hostel?? Heeeelll nooooo. Do I deserve it!! Heeellll yes. I am a latinamerican girl with all the weight it entails, so the mini break will be not only needed, but highly desired!! Lekker!

  13. Magic says:

    My girlfriend haven’t see her mom for 2 years , she’s in Amsterdam , we are here in UK. I wan’t make her happy girl a specially that she just turn 18 . Perfect pesent from 25 year old boyfriend who should be able to afford trip like that.

  14. id like to take my son to amsterdam to see the sights as he’s been an absolute rock to me over the last couple of months and deserves a break :-)

  15. Janika says:

    Every year I spend my birthday in a place that I have never celebrated it before: in a new town or a new country.
    This year is more special because we’ll be celebrating our 6 months wedding anniversary at the same time. I would love to have the opportunity to offer my husband a real romantic weekend in Amsterdam.

  16. DPO says:

    The last time I went to Amsterdam was several years ago to Queens day…It was incredible!
    I really would like to recover that sensation!

  17. Louise Davies says:

    I would love to go to Amsterdam for a couple of days,as it’s a leap year thought of proposing to my partner of many years and thought Amsterdam would be a nice place to do it :-)

  18. Vicqui says:

    Hi Easy-to-Book guys, I’d love to return to Amsterdam with the man I love. It was our first destination for a weekend away twenty two years ago, when we were both 22, and since then we have only returned once. We have had three sons during this time and lost my brother and his father and other close friends, separated and re-united, and now he works in West Africa and returns home as much as possible. It would be an amazing, poignant trip for us to win and we could escape the kids and live a little, having quality time in our favourite place. Cheers.

  19. Mª Victoria says:

    I´ve never been in Amsterdam because I´m always very busy at work, but I think to know this beautiful town in 2012 will be a great experience!!!!.

  20. Houwen Veerle says:

    I need a break, please let me win this trip and I will always love Y,

  21. Irina says:

    Hi! You know, this is the first time I decided to try to win something, because I never believed in a luck to win. But the first sentence of Easytobook’s message was the greeting with the New Year and I felt that New Year and Christmas miracles can happen not only at that holy and merry nights but probably to be a little bit postponed… Who knows? Living in the middle of Central Asia we have no so wide opportunity to travel frequently anywhere (too expensive), and there are so many pleasant places in the world to see! Four years ago thanks to Easytobook we spent a wonderful time in Rome in a small apartment being treated like in a family, and the memory about that staying still gives us the to feel a taste of life and keeps us to be romantics. And what is Amsterdam if not one of the most romantic places in the world? We (me and my husband) are not too young, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our marriage on 29.12.2011, but we still feel ourselves “just married”! So may be for the “newlyweds” the Christmas dreams will become true?… Just a chance…

  22. nino says:

    because I never feel lonely in Amsterdam, even if I am alone! It is the city of romance which lasts forever…

  23. carla says:

    I was born in Amsterdam but I have been living in Spain for years and it is been a long
    time since I visited Amsterdam. The only Dutch relatives of mine live in the
    South of the Netherlands so I normally go there. I would love to win this prize to
    see my home town once more.

  24. Jonathan Brett says:

    The Amsterdam prize would be brilliant! Would love to take my girlfriend there as a thank you for putting up with my ridiculous work schedule and always putting a smile on my face after a long day in the office!

  25. Geo says:

    Been there before but would like to go back, so i think i should have it..

  26. Laura says:

    It would be so nice,coming to Amsterdam and visit it with my family.
    Hope to be the winner!

  27. Nikolaus says:

    Outsiders (Band), Robert Menasse, Rob Rensenbrink.

  28. Cheryl says:

    A magical city, so much to explore and experience. A return to Amsterdam would make my year.

  29. lindsey crush says:

    Last year me and some friends booked a week in Amsterdam and we were really excited, spent ages saving up etc- two months before we went I found out I was pregnant but decided to go anyway- I spent the whole trip sober as hell with a bad back and extreme tiredness which made sightseeing very hard… I would love to go back and re-experience this beautiful and relaxed city but now I have a baby my funds are limited and i can’t afford it! Please can I win?!

  30. Paul Williams says:

    Would love to take my girlfriend as a treat she’s been so stressed with uni work a trip to the chill out capital would be just the thing she needs

  31. yardena Jakobi says:

    I’ll very happy to win this hotel. The reason – last year was the harshly year in my life. My husband dropt down from 3 meters ladder on his had. Two weeks he was on coma’ ater that he pass rehabilitation six mounths’ noww he feel batter. So i’ll very happy to win a vacation in amesterdam. I wish

  32. Van den Wyngaerde Karine says:

    amsterdam is thuiskomen.
    verslaafd en verliefd op amsterdam

  33. Van den Wyngaerde Karine says:

    amsterdam is like comming home.
    addicted and in love with amsterdam

  34. Sarah says:

    Hi guys,

    This is one cool prize ye’ve got! What I would do with this prize is give it to my parents back in Ireland to come over and visit me and the city – as I moved here last year and they haven’t been yet. They’re total culture lovers so would visit the Rijks, Van Gogh, Anne Frank… I’ve done the canal cruise and they would love it for an overall city feel, and with a bottle of champers to boot, we would make great use out of this prize! :)

  35. marthese friggieri says:

    Hi everyone, i will be celebrating my 59 th birthday on the 28th February and our 36th wedding anniversary on the 7th of February so it would be a very big surprise if my husband and I can go to Amsterdam, as we have never been anyway, and celebrate our two special occassion in such a wonderful and magical city.

  36. Sandra says:

    I love Amsterdam. This is the most beautiful city I visited, and I would love to return.

  37. Reamonn says:

    Haven’t had a holiday in over a year and I just love Amsterdam and I’m worth it!!

  38. david wilson says:

    now Amsterdam is a city I have visited since 1975 and its never the same always changing always charming from a bronze man cutting down a tree branch near leidseplein to the frozen canals, the parrots in vondelpark.Who could miss seeing the cothes made of wood at the bottom of Spiegel canal yes please send me back anytime just to wander around Joordan and…….

  39. Jennifer Jong says:

    I been Amsterdam before, that is wonderful place. I love it very much.
    I hope can go there again and again, again………
    When I feel cold can have a hot coffee near the canal, wow….that is call enjoy life……relaxing.
    More important is Amsterdam have very beautiful building which I can find it in Singapore…….prefect….super nice.

  40. Angie Fair says:

    My husband and I are stationed in Germany, he will be returning from a year long deployment to Afghanistan in the middle of February. We have yet to visit Amsterdam but have been wanting to visit it. We are told that it is an absolutely beautiful and lively city, full of big city flair and sophisticated charm, I think it would be the perfect venue for my husband and I to enjoy a romantic getaway after a year a part.

  41. George Tsimpogiannis says:

    One of the best cities in the world!!! I have to see more of it…

  42. Ana Maria Alvarinho says:

    I would love to receive this prize because…

    Two years ago, I became fan of my boyfriend! =D
    Recently, I discovered EasyToBook and I became fan… =)
    And in the future, I want to become fan of Amsterdam! ;D

  43. Giulio Trapani says:

    Hi there!
    I really love that city. I’ve been there I think 12 or 13 times, and I would like to come bak another time, and another time, and another..until I’ll move definitively there and become a Netherlander…
    please help me winning this trip, at the moment I don’t have the money to get there!

  44. Karpati Edina says:

    Would love it!;)

  45. Martin Swanborough says:

    I was fortunate enough to go toAmsterdam some 15 years ago,I love the city the culture and especially the people,they really make you feel at home,I would love to take my partner there for her birthday as I know she will fall in love with it as I did.

  46. David Wainwright says:

    To walk the canals and the squares of Amsterdam, to wander in the Vondel Park in spring time and take tea in the American Cafe, to walk through the Leidseplein and Leidsestraat once again, to hear the singing of the trams once more, to dodge the bicycles in the bloemenmarkt, to hear the Munt strike three, this is what Amsterdam means to me.

  47. laurence says:

    to do a fabulous present to my daughter Marion, i’d like to celebrate her eighteen’s birthday (in october) in Amsterdamober. We live in South west of France, and we never travel together.
    I’ve been once a time in Amsterdam (10 years ago) and I remember again all the places, friendly people, the streets, the bicycles etc…

  48. stavros says:

    Amsterdam is one of my favorit town in Europe

  49. Jamie Arundale says:

    I would love to win this competition because Amsterdam is my favourite place and I haven’t been for many moons! Plus my girlfriend would live it!

  50. Randa Kheir says:

    I visited Netherlands once on a business trip staying in veghel, i was planning an extra day in amsterdam but didn’t get a chance to explore it as the weather was very rainy:((( I hope you grant my wish in visiting this lovely city…

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