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You just booked yourself the best 2 week vacation. You already see yourself lying on the beach, cocktail in your hand, sun on your skin. You wake up from your dream realizing the constant returning agony of transportation to and from the airport for you and your travel companion, sometimes even with your children, and all your luggage. You live quite far from the airport, and friends often don’t feel the need to take you to the airport, especially with the sometimes crazy flight times. Wouldn’t it be great to drive to a hotel near the airport the day before you fly and park your car there for the duration of your vacation? You sleep in the hotel and the day after you start your holiday well rested. After your vacation you return to the hotel and pick up your car. This can become reality: lately hotels nearby airports started offering these special packages called “Park, Sleep & Fly “.

For this contest the Raddisson Blu hotel at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam gave us not 1 but 2 vouchers for their great Park, Sleep & Fly package!

park sleep fly

One voucher includes:

  • 1 night for 2 persons (+ 2 children up to 12);
  • Breakfast;
  • Car parking for 21 days (not obligated);
  • Shuttle service to and from the airport between 6:00 and 23:45.

The only things you need to do to enter the competition:

1. Like us on Facebook by clicking the below button:
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2. Answer the following question and send it to us by commenting via Facebook or the blog

“Which destination would you like to visit one day and why?”

The winner will be announced on Monday the 6th of June.

As always we will handpick our winner so make sure you are original and you could win this prize. Remember this time we have 2 vouchers, so double the chance of winning!

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About Ide

Hi Guys. I am Ide and work for for some time already and still enjoy every day. In my free time I love riding my bicycles and spending time with my girlfriend and friends. Have fun reading the easytobook blog!

4 Responses to Win a park, sleep & fly package

  1. Knut H. Carlsen says:

    45 år siden jeg var i Rotherdam

  2. Mo says:

    “Which destination would you like to visit one day and why?”

    I’d like to chill in Chili, cause last time I was there it was kind a chill.

  3. Corrinne barr says:

    I would love to go Reykavik with my fiancé in the winter to watch the northern lights and chill out together in peace!

  4. Eszter Domokos says:

    I would love to go to the Maldives,living in a house on the ocean. Waking up every morning on the sea….so far from the stress of the city…believing that there is noone else on the world,but you,the turquoise ocean and the white sand…

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