Win New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam!


This contest it’s over now, please check this blogpost

For all our fans and customers we have a really nice present; another contest – a flash contest. The prize is a 2-night stay in Amsterdam in the famous Hilton Amsterdam Schiphol Hotel, an amazing 4 star hotel, on the 30th and 31st of December!

Yes, we are giving you the opportunity to win a 2-night stay in Amsterdam for New Year’s Eve! The Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Hotel is a perfect location for a short vacation in Amsterdam, especially for New Year’s Eve. The hotel is close to  Schiphol Airport, is well connected to the city centre, and offers, like all the Hilton Hotels, high quality service for all guests!

To win this amazing prize you have only 2 weeks! The contest will finish on 9th  December when we will announce the winner!

What to do to win is always the same:

  1. Like us on Facebook
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  2. Leave a comment on this post telling us what are you going to do in Amsterdam for New Year’s Eve! You can leave your comment using your Facebook or Twitter account

These special conditions apply:

  • the voucher for the hotel is valid only for the 30th and the 31st of December 2011
  • the voucher is valid for 2 nights in a double room
  • you must be a fan of our Facebook page:
  • we will announce the winner on 9th December 2011

So, now tell us: what are you going to do in Amsterdam for New Year’s Eve?

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About Gigi

Hi everyone! My name is Luigi but all my friends call me Gigi. I'm from Italy, more precisely from Naples, one of the most beautiful cities in the world! I moved to Amsterdam more than 2 years ago after I’ve travelled most tourist destinations for fun.

77 Responses to Win New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam!

  1. Leo says:

    I’ve never been to Amsterdam so it is difficult to know where to start!! I should think there are various sights and sounds that will be too good to miss – such as a bicyle ride by the canals but I’m sure the vibrant nightlife that the city is famed for will serve as the perfect introduction to the new year for my girlfriend and I! We are really eager to spend new year’s eve together somewhere in Europe having spent it together last year in Dublin. Amsterdam has so many must see spots (and probably many undiscovered sights to boot) so I would love to win this excellent prize and spend a couple of days in this wonderful looking city!

  2. Michelle McAuley says:

    Ah! Where to start? My partner & I have worked solidly now for a year without holidays- but that’s the joys of starting up a small business in the current financial climate. (Oo-er, get me, I sound really business like!) We love Amsterdam but can’t afford to go. I have tried (& failed!) on many occasions to win these competitions, but if you’re not in you can’t win, so here I go again.
    We’ve been to Amsterdam close to Christmas, to do some shopping, but never in the New Year, when you can truly let your hair down & go wild. That’s what we need more than anything- a chance to be wild- running a business & looking after 2 kids makes us kinda, well, DULL.
    Thank for taking the time to read this, basically what I’m saying is- what I would do in Amsterdam in the New Year is go wild. There’s no better place for it. :)

  3. Mary flynn says:

    Oh my god i would really love to go to Amsterdam,my husband was left go from work this year,and now im on short time,so we would really love to get away.especially for the new would be a dream come true…..please let me win:)xx

  4. Diana Milne says:

    I want to go!!!! I really, really, really want to go. I want to walk along the canals and people-watch in Dam Square. I want to ride on a tram and eat chips with paprika and mayonaise. I want to see the Giant Clog and buy some tulips bulbs. I want to explore the museums ( yes! even THAT museum!) and admire the railway station facade……..but ‘I want never gets!’, so maybe I should just say I would love to go to Amsterdam, please!

  5. Yehudit Zamir says:

    My sister and I visit a friend in Breukelen, Holland in December between 22th and 29th and it will be lovely to stay 2 more days in Amsterdam. Oh yes!

  6. I would be celebrating the end of the best year and the start of the best year of my one, wild and precious life. Having lost 30lbs in weight, with more energy and better health, I will actually be well enough and awake long enough to do it too. I’ll also be in my little black number with my gorgeous husband at the start of our Silver Wedding Year. I would also be embracing another first. Another adventure that I could never have imagined having the courage to even enter 12 months ago.

  7. Andrew James says:

    If I won this holiday i would propose to judita, my girlfriend of 3 years in the middle of Dam Square at midnight!!

  8. Ally B says:

    I would love to win this trip to Amsterdam as I want to propose to ny partner of two years and sart the new year in as an engaged couple. This would also allow us to celebrate in one of the best cities for partying!

  9. Alexander says:

    I’d like to have an unbelievable experience of having sex with unknown people during the new year eve and I see no better place for it! And how it is said in my country as you meet new year so you’ll pass it!)))

  10. Ngozi Nwokoma says:

    I would like to renew my love with my husband on New year’s Eve in Armsterdam.


  11. Ngozi Nwokoma says:

    I would like to renew my love with my husband in Amsterdam.Thanks

  12. Katherine says:

    Celebrate the New Year with friends!

  13. meriem hajji says:

    If I have the chance to be in Amsterdam second time and during new year for the first time I hope so, I will enjoy dutch fireworks in the lovely Amsterdam with my friends, either by walking, riding a bikes or city trip through canal amsterdam yeahhhhh!!

  14. Nassim says:

    In Amsterdam, for New Year’s Eve, I’ll do everything to make my best friend forget about the fact his fiancée left him before their wedding so he can start a New Year with great memories and go over the tough breakup.

  15. Maria Lindqvist says:

    I wanna go to Amsterdam because I love poffertjes!POFFERTJES!

  16. Francesco Scuderi says:

    why go to amsterdam for new year’s eve?? to watch windmills illuminated by fireworks during new year’s eve celebration caressed to my girlfriend ! 😉

  17. Max says:

    I would like to let my wife experience the most romantic New Year’s Eve ever! Amsterdam and its canals by the moonlight have such a charm… The perfect place to follow in love again and again!

  18. Deborah O'Brien says:

    I would start the day off by visiting the Vincent Van Gogh museum, followed by the Anne Frank Museum. The evening would begin with a meal and a few drinks on a canal cruise, moving on to a coffee bar and sampling a ‘special’ chocolate muffin. We would then stroll along the red light district towards Dam Square, where we would relax whilst drinking a couple of Amstels. We would welcome the New Year, in the middle of Dam Square watching the fireworks light up the Dutch skyline. We would head back to our hotel, making our way through all the firework debris, that looks like Rose petals scattered on the street. Once back at our hotel we would finish with a night cap on our balcony, and raise a toast to easy to book for making this a New Year to remember…

  19. John and Karen says:

    Amsterdam has always been our favourite city. What could be nicer, now we’re retired, than to start the New Year there? The canals… a romantic meal for two… and maybe a few fireworks after dinner! Fingers crossed…

  20. Penny Parker says:

    Celebrate New year and my 10th wedding Anniversary on the canal boat with candelit dinner, spend the day at as many museums as possible. Should have been on a cruise ship this Xmas but the company had to cancel due to the ship refit, which completely threw our renewal of vows and 10th anniversary out the window, so this trip would be sheer bliss!

  21. Sasha Khashayarpour says:

    Have a party

  22. jairo vega says:

    I’ve never been in Amsterdam but definitely, It will be the Best Anniversary for my girlfriend and I. We already enjoyed it in Edinburgh, London and It will be awesome to celebrate it in the Dam Square, with mixed cultures from all over the world, having fun, watching the fireworks and drinking a nice Chiva’s Regal bottle to warm me up!!!!

  23. I don’t normally celebrate New Years Eve but for Amsterdam I’ll make an exception. I’m going to strap my Go-Pro camera to my head and ride a Dutch bike non-stop around and around the city. Naked. Yeah – thought that might get your attention. And it won’t worry the Dutch – certainly not on New Years Eve.

  24. Angelique says:

    I would love to finally get to visit amsterdam and the new year would mark a milestone for me and a fresh start. I have arranged many times to go but extenuating circumstance had always presented as an impedement to stop me going. i had flights and a hotel booked last summer but had to forfeit both due to my son being hospitalised wirh diabetes type 1. the previous time my father died whilst he was on holiday in spain so i haf to fly there instead. i would love to finally make it to dam. other occasions have been thwarted2.

  25. vitor says:

    Party, watch the fireworks and pay a visit to the coffeshop.

  26. belabbas says:

    Just for fun…

  27. Hope to be partying in Dam Square come New Year’s Eve

  28. umer says:

    watch fireworks n new year enent

  29. bryan sanchez says:

    Amsterdam here I come ! Chill relax chill and relax and yeah chill and relax lol

  30. catsbarr says:

    If I won the holiday I would go on a candlelit canal trip, hire a bike and visit all the hot spots in the city. I’d cycle out to Zeeburg and De Bahoven and visit the campsites we stayed in over 15 years ago. It would be a magnificent to see the place again and to stay at the Hilton.Hope I win!

  31. I. Bunge says:

    I’d watch the fireworks and maybe visit a concert at Concertgebouwen, if there is one…

  32. Tomasz Papa says:

    I’d smoke waterpipe in WondelPark, visit Heineken Museum, watch the red light district, know other people, smoke weed in Stone Coffeshop, eat magic truffle before i go to party on Rembrandt Plein, dance beautiful girls, drink chapagne…So I’d like hang out before my exams to fill full my energy and forget all of mine problems only that weekend.

  33. michelle Garside says:

    Ha Ha ..perhaps a better question would have been ….how would i fit in all the Amazing experiences into 2 nights …but i never have been able to turn down a challenge so i say Easy To Book …..BRING ON AMSTERDAM 2011/2012 X

  34. Manuel says:

    I’ve been to Amsterdam several times but never at the New Year and this could be a good time. I hope so…

  35. Antonio Picone says:

    I’d like to visit Amsterdam with my wife, we’ve never been before and I could meet some relatives who live in the netherlands and I’m looking for many years

  36. BeN says:

    What would I be doing in Amsterdam on NY Eve if I have the chance?! I would be celebrating with a walk in the streets – with a bottle of champagne in one hand and holding my other-half’s hand in the other.

    Not sure whether I will be in Dam Square, Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein or Nieuwmarkt cos it has been so long since I have visited Amsterdam. Maybe I can start by spending Oudjaarsdag in one of the cafes in Jordaan….we can decide what to do next from there. =)

  37. Kostas says:

    Hello everyone,
    fingers crossed to win this prize!!!
    I will propose to my fiance if i finally win
    as we met in Amsterdam in 2004, we are planning
    to return there ever since
    and for that it has been and will always be
    our favorite city!!!
    Thanks everyone!!!

  38. Έφη Τζιάρου says:

    Ι’m ready for a fourth child . It would be perfect to get pregnant on New Year’s Eve in AMSTERDAM!

  39. I have been to Amsterdame once and i was stunned by the place to say the least.
    I had such a faboulous time with my husband and would love to return there as a suprise to him because he has been several times and it is his favourite destion out of all the places that we have been. With 3 kids to buy for at xmas it is so hard to be able to go on a night to the local pub. Winning this trip would put the iceing on the end of 2011 for us and a huge suprise for me husband as i will not tell him i have entered just in case i am the lucky person you pick and the shock will be so brilliant on his face. ( I bet start getting my mother roped in t watch the kids.) fingers crossesxx

  40. Nicoletta says:

    I’ve never been in Amsterdam even if I have arranged many times to go. I would start the day off by visiting the Vincent Van Gogh museum, followed by the Anne Frank Museum and the red light district; the day after I would see the city by boat and bicycle and finally welcome the New Year in the middle of Dam Square watching the fireworks.
    It would be fantastic!!!

  41. Axel Krause says:

    Party,Party,Party……watch the fireworks and i will relax in Amsterdam! Oh yeahh……

  42. Anastasia K says:

    Enjoy all the facilities the Hilton Hotel offers!!!!!!!!

  43. neil hiley says:

    what happens in the Dam….. stay’s in the Dam :)

  44. neil hiley says:

    what happens in the Dam….. stay’s in the Dam :)

  45. Als het gratis is, ben ik steeds tot deelname geneigt.
    Ik ben nooit in Amsterdam geweest.

  46. Matthew says:

    First, I want to say thank you easytobook for offering such a wonderful holiday gift to your customers. This shows that your truly do care about our business. I am in the army and my wife and I are stationed in Germany. With all the training, deployments, and work that goes into defending our great country and allies, it is hard to find the time or money to travel. We would sure appreciate winning this great hotel stay in Amsterdam for new years. It has always been one of our goals to travel to Amsterdam, since we are here in Germany and not to far away.

    We visit all of the wonderful places Amsterdam has to offer. We would definitely go to the square and watch the fireworks, and cruise through the red light district just for the experience. If we won, we would research some other fun things to do and see while there. It has been a long and hard past few years for my wife and I and deployments. We would really like this opportunity to have a great time and reconnect with each other in one a New Years lovers escape.

    Best Regards and Happy Holidays to all!!

  47. randa says:

    One of my dreams is to see christmas in Europe! Could you please make me feel the chrismtas spirit? <3

  48. roxanne says:

    well ma flights r already booked jst need a hotel :D! a will party at dam square.have an amazing time walking around the most amazing place ever! this will be ma 5th trip this yr cant wait.a book everytime wif easytobook!

  49. Ed Newmann says:

    I can not travel during this time, but would have loved to win this offer and explore Amsterdam. However, after reading some of the replies, I believe the soldier named (Matthew) that wrote above deserves this trip since he fights for the freedoms we all enjoy and to take trips like this around the world. Just my two sense, but I think it is well deserved for him and his family to be chosen. God Bless the men and women who defend our great nation and all the nations of the world.

  50. Alban says:

    Amsterdam is for me the city where the business and the pleasure doesnt have borders.
    I am visiting Amsterdam every year for business, and combining some pleasure at the same time.
    I am visiting Amsterdam since 2002 (every year, some times twice a year), and still there are plenty of places and museums I didnt visit.
    If I win, this will be my possibility not only to be in Amsterdam for the first time for pleasure ONLY together with my wife. It will be like a small honemoon for us :)
    also, we will have time to visit places we didnt see/visit so far.

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