Win Queen’s Day in Amsterdam!


It’s by far the biggest celebration of the Dutch calendar, but remains virtually unheard of outside of the Netherlands.  However, try to have an amble along the canals on 30th April and you’ll wonder if the Dutch have been drinking from their waterways.

Queen's Day stall

Queen's Day: orange (1)

Queen’s Day (or Koninginnedag, if you’re going local) is an event surely not to be missed, and hotels are often fully booked over this period.  Fortunate, then, that we have a double room to give away for free in our latest competition.  Let’s look into that a bit further:

casa hotel double room

Hotel Casa 400 double room

Hotel Casa 400 is an award-winning accommodation situated in the east of Amsterdam, close to Amstel Station.  It’s a modern property with an attractive design and a host of facilities to offer.  Thanks to the generosity of Casa 400, we can offer you the chance to win a two-night stay plus breakfast, giving you the perfect opportunity to enjoy Queen’s Day in the centre of Amsterdam.

Casa 400 lobby

Casa 400 lobby

You’ll check in on 29th April, allowing you to revel in some of the festivities that precede Queen’s Day.  You can then browse the street stalls in the morning, before making your way through Vondelpark, the Jordaan, De Pijp, and other popular neighbourhoods, taking in the local Queen’s Day celebrations.  You can enjoy breakfast on both days and then check out on 1st May, totally queened out and ready for a break from all those oranges.

queensday music

Queen's Day musical celebrations (2)

So, what to do to win this amazing prize?

Queen’s Day was initiated to celebrate the queen’s birthday.  This gets us to thinking – if you were a queen, what would you want as a birthday present?  Have a think about it.

  1. ‘Like’ us on Facebook
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  2. Leave a comment on this post telling us what you’d ask for as a birthday present if you were queen (or king or whatever).  You can leave your comment using your Facebook or Twitter account

These special conditions apply:

  • the voucher is valid for 2 nights in a double room with breakfast
  • check-in on 29th April; check-out on 1st May
  • you must be a fan of our Facebook page:
  • we’ll announce the winner on Monday 9th April 2012

Remember that you have to be in it to win it, and to be fair we couldn’t have made it much simpler, so get clicking.  Tell your friends, family, neighbours, local constabulary and random people you meet in the street – they’re all in for a chance to win this fabulous prize.  We hope you have a marvellous March and an amazing April.

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46 Responses to Win Queen’s Day in Amsterdam!

  1. Έφη Τζιάρου says:

    Hi guys! If I was a queen, I would like prosperity for my people! I would also like little presents from pupils all over the country. Children are the most precious royalty! Efi!

  2. Hey. I need this trip, is the birthday of my girlfriend and is very stressed by their work. I hope to have better luck this time in the draw to Amsterdam.
    Hace 29 minutos · Me gustaYa no me gusta.

  3. Dan Fryar says:

    If it was my Royal Birthday I would like to recieve a short message from every one of my people telling how I could make their life better. I would also declare it a public holiday on which people can tell all their friends and family how much they care for them and love them. Like a birthday, Christmas, Valentines, Mother’s and Fathers Day all in one to be shared by everyone. All people would be given this day off to share their message of love with one another :)

  4. Kevin Wallace: For my royal birthday I’d want the people to be happy in celebrating my special day, to have all the magic of the kingdom flow down as orange beer upon their joyous heads while singing songs of wisdom.. {;o)

  5. Oh, and additionally, I’d visit all my lovely friends in Holland whom I haven’t seen for years – it was be a spiritually motivated, sensually overwhelming, physically rewarding and happiness induced-country-wide national day of celebration for the masses .. with good friends and for good measure, local produce in abundance .. {;o)

  6. Tatiana Pira says:

    If I were the Queen, I’d definitely a Queen out of the ordinary, so for my birthday I wish that I had built an amusement park in the garden and I would be able to reach with a slide directly connected to my bedroom window. every Sunday I would open the door of my building and allow all children to play safely. even parents. I’ve always liked that movie, Richie Rich.

  7. Flavio says:

    Uhm, If I were a King I had everything, what could I ask for my birthday? Worldpeace? Would not bo so bad, maybe I’m hypocrite, maybe…

  8. Olga Boleti says:

    I would ask for a year off work so I could travel around the world! I want to see everything!!

  9. richard ferries says:

    If I were king, I would want to go to amsterdam on holiday and spend the day visiting the museums and lovely shops

  10. Karen Hyder says:

    If I were Queen Beatrix, I’d ask for a week of anonymity to enjoy my beautiful country as an ordinary Dutch woman. I’d ride a bike, shop in the markets, and see a show at Boom Chicago and laugh out loud. I would take a Sint Nicolaas boat tour and have lunch in at a sidewalk cafe and watch the world go by.

  11. Jenny says:

    If I was Queen I am sure I would want not to be Queen, to have a normal life with out the glare and demand of the media. You’ve probably seen the movie Roman Holiday like that…

  12. Lee says:

    If I was a Queen I would wish my gift to be a Queen’s Day of my very own so all my subjects could have the day off work and celebrate with me :o)

  13. If I were King I would ask for a private, quite day. Nothing more, just solitude for once.

  14. Anthony Fors says:

    Never been to Amsterdam.
    It would be nice!

  15. Marty says:

    If I were the queen, for my birthday I’d like to ask for a dinner on a boat that goes around all the canals and, at midnight, eat a huge cake in vondelpark prepared to party all night, with lights, music and much more!

  16. Joe says:

    If i were Queen i would ask for the stoners and the cyclists to come together as one within my square and rejoice and remember that we are all one glorious orange people ;D

  17. Mirko says:

    Se fossi il re, come regalo, vorrei tornare a Amsterdam, la città piu bella del mondo..! E vorrei che Amsterdam rimanga Amsterdam, senza che vengano attuate le leggi proibizioniste che stanno pensando di fare.. Questo sarebbe il regalo piu bello che mi possano fare!! :)

    If I were the king, as a gift, I would like to return to Amsterdam, the most beautiful city in the world ..! And I would like Amsterdam Amsterdam remains without the implementation of any prohibition laws that are thinking of doing .. This would be the most beautiful gift that I can do! Ps sorry for my enghlish!

  18. Esther Whittinghan says:

    I would wish to be the Queen of Holland for the day and would throw a huge nationwide free street/canal party and give everyone a holiday day! A I’d do it every year so I was everyones favourite Queen! :)

  19. John McGuckin says:

    If I was queen for the day, I would invite all the world leaders to my birthday party, dress them in orange robes, drink amstel beer and solve the problems of the world while eating poppyseed cake

  20. Goihman says:

    If I was a King I want to receieve as a present at least one happy day without any problem for all peoples in the world.

  21. Daddy Mbondo Moamba says:

    Easy winner…. Am the king :)

  22. Mark says:

    On my Birthday I would ask all the country to do some good for someone else without using money!

  23. Amanda says:

    If I were Queen for a day and had a birthday wish, I would wish that all my subjects would be given their own one wish each, but they must wish only for good things that will benefit the society they live in, and other people around the world!

  24. Alessandra says:

    Se fossi la regina vorrei ricevere una mongolfiera tutta arancione e viaggiare per il mondo..portando con me lo spirito vivace e libero di Amsterdam, facendolo scoprire a tutto il mondo! Adoro l’Olanda!

    If I were the queen I would like a whole orange balloon and traveling the world bringing with me .. wit and free to Amsterdam, making him out to the world! I love the Netherlands!

  25. Rob says:

    the present i would ask for would be for everyoneto treat each other with kindness and respect.

  26. Peter Howchin says:

    If I were King I’d go to Amsterdam and have a great time (again!).

  27. Adhrese Afzal says:

    If I was King and I could do anything I’d donate all my wealth to good causes so there’d be less poverty in the world.


    First I would like to thank easy to book for giving this kind of fantastic offer. Really great Idea!!
    I like festival & such kind of celebration. If i were a queen, I would like to get a great wish from my
    country people and wish my people are happy with me. I would like to give a holiday, memorable
    party with well dress, delicious food for all the people around the country and also like to spend my time with my family & friends. Try to help those people who needs help in the world like those African who needs food, cloth & health care.

  29. Paulina Forss says:

    As a Queen i’d like to have a relaxing week with my dearest ones in some paradise island, enjoy life with no obligations for a while.

  30. richard sanchez says:

    As King I would pay for everyone who wants to celebrat with me Party till we drop

  31. Matthew Dooley says:

    If I was Queen or King and it was my Birthday, I would host a huge party in my Royal House, where everyone had to attend in fancy dress to the theme of zoo animals. I would also have real animals serving the food and drinks so the roles would be reversed. That way everyone could have a fantastic time and, lets face it, who wouldn’t want to see a llama in a tuxedo?

  32. nathalie says:

    I’d ask for a library full of books and children reading in there.

  33. Aisling says:

    If I were queen I’d ask for Madonna to give me back my crown

  34. Shahenda El Gindi says:

    If I was a queen, I would like to be an ordinary person for a day as a gift, so I can walk around the streets freely and comfortably without paparazzi and people staring at me and watching my every move! I would like to enjoy my freedom!

  35. me me says:

    If I were to be Queen for the day I would make “mary jane” legal !!!!!!!! and Gay marriages an absolute must to be recognised fully as a marriage within ALL religious faiths :) xx

  36. Miguel Giron says:

    That`s a very nice prize !!! I`d really love visiting Amsterdam again.
    If I were a King , for my birthday I`d like to stay in that hotel with two blond girls for a couple of nights…

  37. Olivia Hernandez says:

    I would wish for a working-class friend that tells me what goes on in the world

  38. If I were King that would mean that my personal wish has already been fullfiled, However, king or no king I wish that no one on this earth would ever have to suffer from hunger or illness and that people should never consider others as enemies or hostiles, think what a difference this would make just living.

  39. Marti says:

    If i was a Queen I’d ask to travel the world 6 months a year… the 6 left are to enjoy my home :)

  40. Loukia says:

    If I were Queen for a day, I would through a huge party and invite the man that I love who lives far away and all my closets friends near and far to join in celebration. It would be the one time we could all be gathered together in one place to just have fun and not have to be concerned about if and how and when that can happen because of money and other factors that can get in the way. We would live the moment and cherish it. As queen, I would ask that everyone does the same in honor of the day: live in the moment; cherish it and most of all, cherish the people you love.

  41. gary bowley says:

    if i were king of netherlands, then i will have a chocolate milkshake from Hill st blues on the market, and an ounce of the greenhouses finest

  42. Alejandro says:

    if I was the king I would ask for celebrating all my non birthday days also 😀

  43. Sparky says:

    king king if i was king for my birthday i would like to be in the centre of Amsterdam with all the love that the people bring xxx

  44. Petya Vatsova says:

    If I were Queen for a day, I would ask for a 90days-trip around the world, traveling with my friends!

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