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Things to do in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

Even if you have one or ten hours to spend in the Airport before your next departure, I am here to tell you what is Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport  all about. From practical information to clothing and souvenir stores to spas, … Continue reading

A view of Modern Rome

When people think about Rome their thoughts automatically go to the Forum Romanum, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and all the other amazing monuments of majestic ancient Rome. But Rome is not only about “old stuff” and ancient history. Rome … Continue reading

Warning: this post contains 12 pieces of paradise

Imagine yourself in an office, scrolling through amazing pictures of the most stunning beaches. Your thoughts wander off a little, you picture yourself in, say, Hawaii or the Maldives… Reality check: it’s raining and it feels like 16°C. Desperate for … Continue reading

Crazy Sand Sculptures

Summer is here! Shake the dust off of your flip flops, slap on some sun cream and dash to the beach as quickly as you can. Enjoying the sun and chilling on the warm sand is just what you need … Continue reading

Best beds for difficult customers

My standards for a bed aren’t very high. I just need a comfortable mattress and a frame to set it on. What else could you need? No muss, no fuss! Some people want more. You thought your bed was “different”? You … Continue reading

Top weird theme parks

We had so much fun making the roller coasters blogpost that we’ve been itching to revisit the wonderful world of theme parks. You all know the joys of Thorpe Park, the thrills of Port Aventura, and the exhilaration of Six … Continue reading

The world’s most eccentric religious structures

There’s nothing that says ‘I love and respect the wonder of all god’s creations’ like raising a stupendous, imposing structure. Chitchen Itza, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Hagia Sophia and Angkor Wat are all world-famous attractions that were built for … Continue reading

More fantastic time lapse videos

Remember those fantastic time-lapse vids we posted? Maaan…what an an effective way to capture the ambience of a city. Last time we had an inspiring look at some major cities including Paris, Rome, Berlin and Tokyo. This time we show … Continue reading

The strangest things left behind at airports

I’m really good at leaving stuff behind – I’ve fished my money out of the bin more than once, I’ve dropped my debit card several times, and I regularly used to lock my keys in the car. That said, I’ve … Continue reading

Disneyland Paris celebrates its 20th Anniversary!

April marks the beginning of Disneyland Paris’ 20th anniversary celebrations. The park opened its doors twenty years ago on 12th April, then still called Euro Disneyland.