Amsterdam’s Extreme Budget Accommodation!


Here at our motto is “hotel reservations made easy” and to deliver this we are struggling every day to get the better deal for you: the best accommodations at the best price!

That is why we are overjoyed to be able to offer our fantastic loyal customers a world exclusive now available in Amsterdam for the first time. In the midst of world tragedy, animosity and scandal, has finally reached an agreement with one of the most innovative, ecologically-friendly and economically viable hotel chains around; W.A.C. Hotels.

This incredible new partnership already yields three different means of accommodation, each astounding in its own unique way, in three exceptional locations throughout this pioneering city and with a special introductory offer, from EUR 0.99 to EUR 2.99. Enjoy the rustic surroundings of the Dutch countryside in Premier Caravan, get a literal taste of the canals in Premier Houseboat, and revel in the vibrant city life at Premier Bench.  Whatever your taste and budget, W.A.C Hotels in conjunction with has the perfect accommodation for you:

1 – Premier Caravan

Premier Caravan

Premier Caravan - pictures courtesy of Ian and Anne Frearson

A classic accommodation combining convenience with cultural curiosity, Premier Caravan provides all the comforts you need, quite literally within arm’s reach. Marvel at the amazing transparency of the windows, witness the splendour of an opening and closing door, and revel in the freshness of the revolutionary ‘dry air shower’.

For more information about the Premier Caravan click here

2 – Premier Houseboat

Premier Houseboat

Premier Houseboat - pictures courtesy of Ian and Anne Frearson

Almost at one with the inviting waters of Prinsengracht, Premier Houseboat Amsterdam boasts a prestigious mid-canal location close to the city centre. Many shops, cafes and restaurants can easily be accessed by a short swim and walk, and there are numerous attractions to be found on neighbouring canals, such as the famous Woonbootmuseum.

For more information about the Premier Houseboat click here

3 – Premier Bench

Premier Bench

Premier Bench

Enjoying an exciting position in the heart of the capital, Premier Bench Amsterdam is located in Nieuwmarkt, a famous square in the city’s Red Light District. A light and airy accommodation, Premier Bench provides welcome access to the city’s natural elements via an extended skylight.

Premier Bench - Bathroom

Premier Bench - Bathroom

For more information about the Premier Bench click here

To welcome W.A.C. Hotels into the fold, is excited to offer the following special introductory offers for the first lucky 100 hundred customers:
Premier Caravan EUR 1.99 + Tax (including breakfast)*
Premier Houseboat EUR 2.99 + Tax (including deluxe bathroom facilities)*
Premier Bench EUR 0.99 + Tax (room with a view)*

Be quick to take advantage of this special offer before it runs out!

*This offer is based upon availability.

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Hi everyone! My name is Luigi but all my friends call me Gigi. I'm from Italy, more precisely from Naples, one of the most beautiful cities in the world! I moved to Amsterdam more than 2 years ago after I’ve travelled most tourist destinations for fun.

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  1. JessieHanz says:

    Whoaw, who would ever want to stay on that premiere boat that looks like a mild blow of an air will sink in an instant. Even if I am a person who loves adventures, i would definitely say no to that. Premiere bench perhaps would do or I would just book book myself in a fully furnished condos wherein my expenses are worth.

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