Amsterdam is getting ready for Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner and you can sense the holiday spirit just about everywhere; the streets are decorated with beautiful Christmas lights, the mobile bakeries are working hard to provide everyone with tasty desserts, the temporary ice-skating spot is up and running and the temperatures are below zero. The snow might not last till Saturday, but at least we will always have these pictures to remind us of this lovely season…

Definitely a white Christmas? Well, at least for now...

The snow is always an inspiration for some romance

The holiday season is always an excuse to eat too much - No complaints here!

Some Christmas candy for our sweet tooth

And we're off to the ice skating rink to burn off some calories

Santa completes the Christmas spirit!

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Hi people! What can I tell about myself that will be short and to the point? Well, my name is Yuli, I am originally from Israel but came to Holland because of my Dutch husband, whom I met in Thailand. My favorite things in the world are: my family and friends, hummus and sunshine (now you probably wonder why I moved to Holland, well so do I every once in a while :-) ). I can be lazy from time to time but normally my enthusiasm surpasses all comprehension, and I cannot stop talking (or writing). Therefore, I hope you will enjoy all my posts!

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