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Some people like to patronise chain hotels because they offer a standard level of accommodation.  It can be reassuring to know what level of service and facilities to expect when you stay in a Hilton or a Holiday Inn.  Conversely, if you stray off the beaten path you’re forfeiting the kind of reassurance that comes with brand standards.
However, sometimes taking a risk can pay dividends.  Take the following hotels, for example; if names are anything to go by, what kind of fun extras might they offer?

Porn Hotel in Bangkok


Pornography is said to engage the majority of hotel Internet bandwidth, so does Bangkok’s Porn Hotel minimise that issue by offering live shows in-house?  Or do you need to go down to Ko Chang for that?

Porn’s Bungalows, complete with restaurant, on Ko Chang

Source 1Source 2

Personally, I sometimes like to watch football on the television, but I much prefer to play it for real on the pitch.  Perhaps that’s what these hotels had in mind when deciding on a unique selling point…

Ufuk Motel


Hotel Ufuk in Göreme

Source  – and if this promising hotel in Göreme, Turkey, sounds like an intriguing proposal, you can have a gander at their rates here.

Hotel Fux in Oberammergau

Fux Hotels
is a German chain, so you can not only find Fux in Oberammergau; you’ll also be able to enjoy Fux in other German destinations.

Probably not Phnom Penh’s only Cathouse


If you’re a bit more into enticing destinations, you might be excited at the prospect of a trip to French Lick in Indiana.

French Lick Resort’s website

French Lick Resort has a wealth of entertainment and activities on offer.  However, if relaxation and pampering are higher on your agenda, Comfort Suites French Lick are probably a better option for you.

As with the properties in French Lick, it’s encouraging to know that some hotels will go the extra mile for the satisfaction of their guests.  For instance, perhaps you have quite specific requirements to fulfil in choosing your accommodation…

Come On My House Hotel


Baltic Beach Hotel, Jūrmala

Before you set sail in search of the legendary Baltic Bitch, bear in mind that this sign is a typo, intended to identify the Baltic Beach Hotel in Jūrmala, Latvia.

Elsewhere, hotels often name themselves after nearby points of interest in order to attract tourists and or increase their search engine ranking.  If that’s the case, is Hotel Ass located next to a donkey sanctuary?

Hotel Ass in Köln


Is ParisHotel Kuntz situated next to…….never mind.

Hotel Kuntz in Paris


Did Anu build his lodge next to a sewer?

Anu’s Lodge, Chennai


As usual, politeness requires that you should always ask permission before you attempt to use the trademen’s entrance.

Peach Bottom Inn, Pennsylvania


Romans aren’t known to be self-deprecating, but the owner of Ars Hotel could start a new trend.

Ars Hotel in Rome

Well, this was all quite amusing, but we really need to get on with some work.  You’re very welcome to send us your own discoveries, though; we’ll put them towards a sequel blogpost.

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