More fantastic time lapse videos


Remember those fantastic time-lapse vids we posted? Maaan…what an an effective way to capture the ambience of a city.


Shanghai (1)

Last time we had an inspiring look at some major cities including Paris, Rome, Berlin and Tokyo. This time we show you some more great images from the waterways of Venice, Barcelona’s Parc Guell, and stunning sights Down Under.

Grab yourself a Fair Trade coffee, slip your headphones on and slide out of Pomodoro mode for a few minutes to enjoy these impressive creations. We hope you like them as much as we do.

‘Atlanta time lapse’ – Atlanta

‘New York Time Lapse’ – New York

‘BCN-Gaudi-Park-Güell’ – Barcelona

‘Australian Time Lapse Montage 2011’ – around Sydney and beyond

‘Shanghai-ed | Shanghai in a Minute’ – Shanghai

‘Madrid 2008 timelapse’ – Madrid

‘Swiss Chillout’ – Geneva

‘Athens (An other point of view)’ – Athens

‘Москва’2011’ – Moscow/Russia

‘Traffic in Frenetic HCMC, Vietnam’ – Ho Chi Minh City

Ok ok, so this is only ten impressive videos, but there are loads more out there. Can you suggest any unmissable treats? Hows about you leave a comment below…

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