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10 Crazy Travel Records

There are lots of travelers in the world, whether they’re backpackers, businessmen or tourists; millions of people travel every day. It doesn’t come as a surprise, therefore, that some of them try to spice things up by attempting to set a world … Continue reading

The world’s most extreme marathons

April is marathon month, with a number of major marathons occurring within quick succession. Many of you may be preparing for the upcoming Paris, Milan, Vienna, Madrid or London marathons, several of which are held on the same day. Running … Continue reading

Titanic facts

15th April this year marks the centenary of the Titanic’s maiden and only voyage. One hundred years ago the RMS Titanic set off from Southampton to New York. After only five days, disaster struck and the ‘Unsinkable’ ship hit an … Continue reading

Easter celebrations around the world

Many of us will be painting our eggs or hunting for them in the garden during Easter weekend. However, since Easter is celebrated all around the globe, this opens up a vast world of cultural nuances to come into play … Continue reading

Queen closes bedrooms for April Fools’ Day

Well, as if you didn’t know by now, the game is up: we aren’t offering any availability in Buckingham Palace or Kensington Palace. It was a nice thought, though. That said, it’s totally true that we’re on the cusp of … Continue reading

Queen opens bedrooms over London Olympics

There’s no doubt London is one of the world’s most incredible cities.  This year London’s call will be even stronger, as the capital prepares to host the 2012 Olympic Games.  Several million extra visitors are expected to descend on London … Continue reading

Extreme tourist attractions

Remember that post about the World’s Best Rollercoasters?  It kind of sparked our interest about the more adventurous and extreme side of tourism.  For those thrill seekers out there, here’s a dozen ‘extreme’ tourist attractions that may well give you … Continue reading

Ten Top Theme hotels

A vacation should be an experience that, from start to finish, is fun, exciting and special.  Minibars and flat screen TVs just don’t turn me on anymore.  I want to be wowed. Luckily, I’m not alone.  A number of hotels … Continue reading

Paris past and present

You might have scrimped together enough centimes to take yourself off to Paris, which is an impressive enough feat in itself. However, unless you’re Marty McFly or some other time-travelling wise guy, you’ve probably only seen the city in its … Continue reading

Mythical Tours

There’s something eerily fascinating about cultural myths.  Remember the Urban Legends blogpost?  It’s our taste for danger that keeps us coming back for more. If you find the Guggenheim less than spine-tingling, maybe you’re after a little more excitement in … Continue reading