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Derbyshire’s UNESCO Heritage

Nowadays I just tell people I live near Robin Hood.  The fox with the bear friend, that’s him.  For those who might have heard of Derby, its reputation as a run-down backwater lumbering in Nottingham’s shadow is too popular to … Continue reading

The world’s best views from hotel bathrooms

A room with a view is so 1985…these days hotels need to offer something more to stand out from the crowd.  Some offer a free giraffe with every room; some include a string quartet in each minibar.  Others do their … Continue reading

Travel apps for your mobile

In this digital age of tap-dancing robots, downloadable viagra and virtual nutrition, which traveller still lugs 5kg worth of guidebooks and dictionaries around with them?  These days all you need is a smartphone and a wi-fi connection and you can … Continue reading

Funny signs in hotels

Following on from our post on funny hotel names, we’ve been looking for some amusing signs that are found in hotels.  Whether you’ve taken a suite at New Hangover Hotel,

World’s best rollercoasters

Why do we love rollercoasters?  They scare us out of our wits, they threaten to kill us, and they even make some of us lose control of our bodily functions.  But it’s the rush we crave.  The building anticipation; the … Continue reading

Funny Hotel Names

Some people like to patronise chain hotels because they offer a standard level of accommodation.  It can be reassuring to know what level of service and facilities to expect when you stay in a Hilton or a Holiday Inn.  Conversely, … Continue reading

Support Anne to the TOP

A little introduction: My name is Anne Swinkels and I am eleven years old. Four years ago a tumor was discovered in my brain; luckily, the tumor has now been removed. I am happy to report that I feel better. … Continue reading

25 most beautiful fountains of the world

The presence of water makes life possible on our planet.  The medium for all of the chemical reactions that occur in our body, water impacts our lives on a microscopic level.  Freezing in enormous rivers, water has carved the landscape … Continue reading

Most amazing hotel pools

We all love to travel for our various different reasons. One of these reasons is of course to relax, and where better to relax than in or beside a fine hotel pool! Hotels understood that when they made their pool … Continue reading

Hotel Towel Folding Art

Most people have probably witnessed the art of hotel towel folding. You enter your room after a nice day at the beach and on the bed you find a sculpture; most likely of a swan, but if you are lucky … Continue reading