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A little introduction:

Anne Swinkels

Anne Swinkels

My name is Anne Swinkels and I am eleven years old. Four years ago a tumor was discovered in my brain; luckily, the tumor has now been removed. I am happy to report that I feel better. I wanted to do something back for the fight against cancer so I signed up for the Alp d’Huzes (explanation in the following paragraphs). While most people cycle the mountain, that day I will do it on foot, since I can’t cycle for that long just yet. Because of the operation I have some problems with my stability and my legs become tired much faster than they should. I will walk the mountain together with my mother and I also hope that we can make it all the way to the top. This will be a huge challenge for me! is supporting me with this challenge.

More about the Alp:
Alp d’Hues lies in the Rhone-Alpes region and is part of French Alps mountain range. The complete climb of the mountain is 14.1 km long. During this climb I will ascend 1071 meters in height. The average gradient is 8.1% which is very steep! Almost every year this climb is part of the biggest cycling event, the Tour de France. The mountain is also called the Dutch mountain because of the many Dutch cyclists who won a stage in the tour there.

About Alp d’HuzesAlpe d'Huzes
Alp d’Huzes is a massive annual event which was initiated to raise funds for the fight against cancer. On this day thousands of cyclists will try to reach the top of the Alp d’Hues 6 times in a row! Alp d’Hues is a well-known mountain in the Alps region of France. The name of the event, Alp d’Huzes, is a combination of the name of the mountain together with the Dutch word for six (zes). The complete event is managed by volunteers and all costs need to be paid by the contestants themselves. Alp d’Huzes is one of the few events where every Euro raised goes to the fight against cancer. Nobody else earns a single penny from it!

Because of the huge success (Alp d’Huzes is the biggest annual Dutch fundraiser) Alpe d’Huzes has started its own fund from which specific research is funded. The first goal is a multiyear research programme, together with the council from the official Dutch cancer foundation, for successful revalidation of cancer patients. This is because there is a lot of knowledge in the field of what causes cancer but still so little about what factors are causing a patient’s life to be more easy or difficult.

Support Anne to the top!
All contestant need to raise €2500 or more each. Anne is trying to reach her goal in various ways. Some examples are a sponsored run at her school and a fundraising concert in her home town with the Vughtse music clubs. All money raised will go towards her goal.

Easytobook is helping Anne by sponsoring her the accommodation during Alp d’Huzes. Next to that we are giving her 10% of the booking value of EVERY booking made through her affiliate link. If you want to help Anne and need a hotel please make your reservation after clicking here.

You can also donate directly via the link below. Every Euro is very much appreciated!

(Only possible for Dutch bank account owners)

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Hi Guys. I am Ide and work for for some time already and still enjoy every day. In my free time I love riding my bicycles and spending time with my girlfriend and friends. Have fun reading the easytobook blog!

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