Diabolically difficult French capital quiz

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Home to the world’s most expensive clothes rack, Paris is a city with many frivolous associations.

City of fashion, city of romance, city of light; city of baguettes. Hunchbacks, guillotines, absinthe fairies and dead rock stars all play a part in Paris’ tumultuous history.

Did you know that the French have sex more often in a year than any other culture? It’s official.

Paris: laundry capital
Paris: laundry capital (1)

Bearing this in mind, how much do you actually know about Paris? Think you’re something of a Francophile? How about proving it by taking our Diabolically Difficult French Capital Quiz?

Here are 25 twists and turns to keep you guessing and gurning right up to the end. If you do well, give yourself a pat on the back and order a crêpe; if you don’t, buy a Citroёn 2CV and spend a fortnight on the Boulevard Périphérique.

Either way, we hope you thoroughly enjoy yourselves…now let’s French it up a bit.

Sandrine's Diabolically Difficult French Capital Quiz


Crêpe on your plate

François Hollande
François Hollande (23)

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2 Responses

  1. Neil McCain

    I only got 44!! Too hard Easy to book!

  2. Sandra

    Got 70! Good one 😉