Disneyland Paris celebrates its 20th Anniversary!

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April marks the beginning of Disneyland Paris’ 20th anniversary celebrations. The park opened its doors twenty years ago on 12th April, then still called Euro Disneyland.

Disneyland celebrates 20th anniversary
Disneyland celebrates its 20th anniversary (1)

The festive opening was slightly overshadowed by demonstrations from local people. They were afraid the American theme park would become a symbol of America in France and encourage the unhealthy American brand of consumerism. In June of that year, a group of French farmers blockaded the roads to the theme park, protesting against the farm policies in the United States at the time.

Disneyland celebrates 20th Anniversary
All the family (2)

Fortunately for the free world, Disney joy continued to radiate and Disneyland Paris soon became the most popular theme park in Europe. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Disneyland organized a full year of celebrations and extended opening hours.

Disney dreams!
Disney Dreams! (3)

The Main event is ‘Disney Dreams!’ – a spectacular nighttime show with state of the art HD projections, fountains, fire, lasers and many more special effects. It’s the biggest show in Disney history and will be performed every night of the year.

Disney Dreams!
More Disney Dreams! (4)

During the daytime you can witness ‘Disney Magic on Parade!’, a daily parade that includes a special celebration train, with new Disney characters boarding each day.

Disneyland celebrates 20th Anniversary
Pluto hitches a ride (5)

A special surprise planned for the end of the year is the opening of a new ‘World of Disney’ flagship store. The huge new store will replace the current Disney store, which is located inside the park.

Disneyland store
Disneyland store (6)
Disneyland store
Inside the Disneyland store (7)

Especially for his fans, Mickey Mouse is taking the time to meet them all. Mickey will invite you backstage and show you around, and will even pose for a picture.

Mickey Mouse
Mickey’s wardrobe (8)

As these fabulous celebrations last all year, Disneyland Paris has decided to extend its opening hours. During the weekdays you can enjoy the park until 21:30 and at the weekend even until 23:00.

Mickey Mouse: before the gloves come off
Mickey Mouse: before the gloves come off (9)

It might seem like you have plenty of time to line yourself up a trip to Paris, but a year flies by awfully quickly these days, and dancing cartoon animals are always worth travelling for. Trains run to Paris from all corners of the known (and unknown) world, and one thing Paris certainly has a plenitude of is hotels. Easytobook.com also offers a range of hotels in and around Disneyland Paris, so booking your trip couldn’t be easier. See you there!

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