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Overpacking is a common nuisance most travelers choose to face while traveling abroad. We usually cogitate the worst case scenario as an excuse to stuff most of our wardrobe into our suitcases. Usually, this mistake is made by late packers, people that usually wait until the last minute to pack for short-term or long-term getaways.

When we pack last minute, many problems may occur in between our house door and the hotel door. Overweight charges during check-in, no space for souvenirs and gifts, getting most of the clothes dirty due to the lack of space, to name a few.

We have learned a few tricks in order to pack more efficiently and we would like to share with you essential items (which most people neglect) for your next destination. These items will spare you from common mishaps as well as helping you to save your hard earned money.

 Day Pack

Ems Daypack 2

Buying a compact day pack is an investment travelers will not regret. Backpacks are an easy target for pickpockets as well as taking a toll on your back and sightseeing plans. opt for messenger bags or backpacks with protected zippers, this way you can enjoy your trip in a more comfortable way.

 Power Strip ( + adapter depending on country visited)


It is never a good idea to rely on hotel plugs, specially if you are traveling with family or friends.  With a power strip you can charge cellphones, camera batteries, laptops and all of your dear gadgets at the same time, which will certainly save time and arguments. Adapters may be needed in case the location you’re traveling to has different plugs. You can check different plugs abroad in this website.

 Pairs of Jeans in Neutral Colors


Neutral color jeans are a good way to save some space on your luggage and you can match them with pretty much any shirts, tops or sweaters you wear.



This is a very versatile piece that will certainly be used during your trips. You can use it as a hand towel, lens cleaner, eye mask, hair tie, headband, scarf, pillow if you wrap it around a bundled-up sweater, as a sling for a sprained arm, and even as a hobo handbag to tote your belongings.

Duct tape


This is a life savior during trips, from rescuing busted suitcases to removing lint from clothing, we can always find a good reason to use duct tape while traveling.

Wet Wipes


This is also a neglected article that could potentially save your life while traveling, well at least your social life. Wet wipes can be used to clean food and drink stains, clean dirty cutlery in restaurants as well as keeping hands clean and sanitized.

       1 Pair of Dress Shoes + 1 Pair of Jogging Shoes

    women-dress-shoes-78106-running-shoes_15023320388.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2  Boston-Traveler-Mens-High-Top-Square-Toe-Dress-Shoes-P15293161               

There is nothing worse than sightseeing with uncomfortable shoes or being under dressed for a night out. Opt for different shoes for day and night during trips, but restrict yourself to one pair of each. ( +1 flip flops if you are traveling to the beach).

 Travel mug


With a travel mug you can save a pretty penny on drinks while sightseeing. It can also be used as a safe compartment for glasses and/or delicate souvenirs on your way back home.

Silicone Travel Bottles 


Silicone travel bottles are not only within the size regulation for liquids in flights but also a good option to avoid wasting products, as you can easily squeeze out your favorite products until the last drop.

Safety Pins


There are many ways in which the use of safety pins can save you while traveling, from fixing and securing bag zippers to fixing hems if they come undone. It can also be a quick fix for teared clothes when sewing is not an option.

Money Belt


Every experienced traveler should invest in a good money belt, as it can keep your money and passport safe, as well as avoiding pickpockets.

Tote bag

Tote Bag

Besides being an environmental friendly option for carrying groceries or gifts while abroad, it can also be used as a beach, laundry or picnic bag.

Waterproof coat


There is nothing worse than getting our coats soaking wet and having to purchase a new one while traveling. A thick (winter) or light (summer) waterproof jacket will keep you dry and warm as well as lasting for a good time.

If you have more tips for effective packing, please list them on the comments below.

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