Funny signs in hotels

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Following on from our post on funny hotel names, we’ve been looking for some amusing signs that are found in hotels.  Whether you’ve taken a suite at New Hangover Hotel,

hangover hotel
New Hangover Hotel (1)

…or are attending a summit at the Galactic Peace Hotel,

galactic peace
Galactic Peace International Hotel (2)

…there’s no telling what guffaws will be found around the next corner.  If you’d rather not be here,

someplace else
Going somewhere? (3)
invite a burger
…just try not to get crumbs on the carpet (4)

…could the situation be made better?

It’s amazing what gets lost in translation.  There seems to be a decent variety out there, and we’ve categorised them to make them a bit easier to digest.  We hope this brings a little comic relief to your midweek blues.

Bathroom instructions

Additional services

Hotel rules

Do not disturb signs

And finally, some much-needed emergency instructions

Well, we really have to get back to work.  We hope you had a decent chuckle at some of these gems.  Do you have any other examples to share?  Post them here!



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  1. Colin Francis Best

    Great info love the Hotels signs we stayed in great Hotel in Spain Costa Brava Hotel Olympic great food only trouble was they had drain blokage and the smell from the sewer was just hurndious stench ,
    Business as normal when you tried to complain you were met with Hostility as we were only paying guest and not Spanish citizens so off the wall more like Basil Faulty, Stalag Olympic was our nick name for this pitty satff were great !