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At one time the pinnacle of engineering innovation, arches continue to be used in infrastructure throughout our world.  The most famous ones, however, don’t seem to be used for much at all – as the following pictures will testify.

Arches remain popular tourist attractions in many cities – past and present – across the globe.  This quiz can help to determine how much attention you’ve been paying on your travels – can you place these famous arches?

Arch Enemies

Arch Enemies (1)

For each picture we show, just tell us whereabouts in the world the arch can be found.  The quiz is multiple choice, too, so it couldn’t be much easier.  Or could it?  Good luck.

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Photo credits:
(1) http://etb.ht/AeQUKR
(2) http://etb.ht/ycPGlE
(3) http://etb.ht/x7uYR7
(4) http://etb.ht/whiuTf
(5) http://etb.ht/w1y2dQ
(6) http://etb.ht/yBlnDa
(7) http://etb.ht/zblm41
(8) http://etb.ht/AevAfT
(9) http://etb.ht/A8Ymi1
(10) http://etb.ht/wP2RI2
(11) http://etb.ht/AeyCqg
(12) http://etb.ht/Aj0r0S
(13) http://etb.ht/A3YjM8
(14) http://etb.ht/xBHPVx
(15) http://etb.ht/wa5tDb
(16) http://etb.ht/yWA51m
(17) http://etb.ht/zWlGjr
(18) http://etb.ht/zhk4Sy
(19) http://etb.ht/x8kYLw
(20) http://etb.ht/zloqH7
(21) http://etb.ht/xW24RR
(22) http://etb.ht/yKIyIr
(23) http://etb.ht/wOgzlG
(24) http://etb.ht/yw9y4o
(25) http://etb.ht/Apnqko
(26) http://etb.ht/zRmA4u

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