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Valentine's Love Quiz You might not have noticed that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching once more, but fortunately the sleuths at are on the case and have something rather special to share with our loved ones this year. If being love sick really is an ailment, we’re in the grips of a love fever pandemic. Pity we don’t live in the 19th century, where physicians would advise us to eat chocolate to calm our pining for lost love.

We’re not the only ones getting hot under the collar, though: did you know that Hallmark has a range of over 1330 different cards specifically designed for Valentine’s Day? No? Then surely you know that Richard Cadbury produced the first box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day in the late 1800s. You do? Impressive.
To help you determine whether you’re a Prince Charming or a poached frog, a Cinderella or a scullery maid, take our Valentine’s Quiz on the ups and downs of love’s torrid history.

Don’t be discouraged if you make a mistake – we’re happy to help you out. For every wrong answer, we’ve added a small hint to get you that little bit closer to the pinnacle.

The LOVE Quiz

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Your answers are highlighted below.

Please, make our Valentine’s Love Quiz and share your score in the comments!

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One Response to Valentine’s Love Quiz

  1. Mark says:

    wow, I just scored 85 out of 100 :)

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