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Fall in Myrtle Beach

This is a guest post by Gina Vasselli Summer brings millions of people to Myrtle Beach so they can escape the heat with cool ocean water and breezes on their vacation. But, you know, Myrtle Beach doesn’t close down during … Continue reading

Five Reasons to Hop on a Plane to Florida

This guest post is from Joe Schembri who has enjoyed the Florida lifestyle since 1990. He’s a huge fan of kayaking, spending time at the beach and traveling around the state. All photos are his own. Florida has so much … Continue reading

Best places to escape the modern world

You probably all know this feeling. Sometimes you’re just done with daily life; the commute, the nine to five, family, social life…it gets too much and all you want to do is get away from it. Good thing we are … Continue reading

10 places you MUST visit before you die!

Erupting in Santorini or Peaking in the Peaks: which of these incredible destinations is on YOUR bucket list? 1. Machu Picchu Machu Picchu probably is the most familiar icon of the Inca world. The site is situated on a mountain … Continue reading

Warning: this post contains 12 pieces of paradise

Imagine yourself in an office, scrolling through amazing pictures of the most stunning beaches. Your thoughts wander off a little, you picture yourself in, say, Hawaii or the Maldives… Reality check: it’s raining and it feels like 16°C. Desperate for … Continue reading

Crazy Sand Sculptures

Summer is here! Shake the dust off of your flip flops, slap on some sun cream and dash to the beach as quickly as you can. Enjoying the sun and chilling on the warm sand is just what you need … Continue reading