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World’s Best Christmas Destinations

And that jolly time of the year has arrived once again! When lights and pine trees emerge from their hiding places, shops dust off their best Christmas tunes, and festive sweaters shamelessly parade throughout town. Christmas is just around the … Continue reading

Christmas Traditions Around the World

The holiday season is just around the corner, and although families all around the world gather for a big feast, some cultures do not share quite the same traditions. From controversial figures to exotic food, different countries offer very unique … Continue reading

ClauWau Santa Claus Championships

Can’t wait for Santa to drop down your chimney? Then join him on the piste! This is a wicked excuse to bask in the beautiful scenery of the Swiss Alps, feel the thrill of Alpine skiing, and rub shoulders with … Continue reading

Berlin at Christmas – by Maher Hatem

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago we ran a version of a photo competition in which we offered you the chance to win a EUR 500 travel voucher.  Remember?  Well, you can view the pics here, which might jog your memory a bit. Anyway, … Continue reading

Amsterdam is getting ready for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and you can sense the holiday spirit just about everywhere; the streets are decorated with beautiful Christmas lights, the mobile bakeries are working hard to provide everyone with tasty desserts, the temporary ice-skating spot … Continue reading