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Discover Amsterdam’s most charming district: the Jordaan

The Jordaan is one of Amsterdam’s most well-known neighborhoods and is consider by many to be the prettiest one. Let me tell you why it is so well known and what you can do here. Small streets, quiet canals and flowers … Continue reading

Three days to feel London’s vibe

A complete itinerary of what to see and do to enjoy every minute you spend in London! My friends and I went on a 3-day city trip to London to feel the vibes of this popular, cultural and amazing capital. How … Continue reading

Playtime for Kids in Paris

Don’t even think about leaving your kids at home when you visit Europe this season. While Paris may seem like an adult-oriented city at first glance, the “City of Lights” offers a plethora of activities for children of all ages. … Continue reading

Ultimate guide to New York City Marathon

If you’re heading to New York and don’t fancy shelling out for an open-top tour bus, you could consider running around the city instead. Hoofing it for 26 miles on any terrain can be exhausting, but it’s cheap, it’s good … Continue reading

50 Olympic Events You Won’t See In 2012 [Infographic]

With the Olympics approaching faster than Usain Bolt, the world is getting ready for one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Two weeks of athletics, cycling, swimming, wrestling and whatnot. Way back when, things were a touch different. … Continue reading

A City Trip to New York

This is a guest post by Alexandra Jackson, a blogger for SkyParkSecure. All photos are her own. New York is a mesmerising city offering many a dream-come-true moment and countless once in a life time experiences.  Like walking onto the … Continue reading

Tourism in Amsterdam [Infographic]

Amsterdam: weed, English tourists and prostitutes are immediate associations, but I swear to god there’s other stuff to enjoy. We’ve cobbled together this infographic to give an overview of the tourism activity in Amsterdam. Bloody foreigners – where are you … Continue reading

Barcelona: top tips for family, romantic and budget travel

Barcelona is the perfect place for a short holiday thanks to its climate, culture and cuisine. We’ve found the top hotels, attractions, activities and restaurants for families, romantics and those on a shoestring. Have a browse and let us know … Continue reading

Insiders Guide to Berlin

As a follow-up to our Top Berlin blogs : a tale of two cities, we’ve asked our bloggers to provide some great insiders tips for an unforgettable trip to Berlin!

Paris A-Z revisited

The city of light and love has so much to offer, it boggles the mind. Proposing at the Eiffel Tower, shopping on the Champs-Elysées, or enjoying some Haute Cuisine in a Seineside restaurant; Paris will keep you occupied for several … Continue reading