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Easytobook.com launches website redesign

Just as running water doesn’t become stagnant, change keeps us fresh and invigorated. We’ve presented our site with the same design for long enough; it’s time we changed it up a little. The point is not only to make it … Continue reading

TripAdvisor reviews now appear on Easytobook.com

If you’ve looked for hotels on Easytobook.com at some point over the past few weeks, you may have noticed a slight change to the information you can view. We always strove to provide the highest possible quality and reliable content … Continue reading

Amsterdam Trio Competition winner announced!

Maaaan…this was a tough one.  We got SO many comments on the latest competition blogpost.  It was fantastic but also really difficult reading through them all and deciding a winner.  There are so many people that deserve a break, a … Continue reading

Learn from Luigi about Naples, Amsterdam and Pizza

This time on our interview specials I am happy to introduce to you not only a colleague of mine at easytobook.com, but also a good friend! Luigi, or Gigi as we all call him here, is one of the nicest … Continue reading

Thanks to all our fans

We started this blog and our Facebook page about 2 months ago, and since then we are loving the level of engagement we got with you! Because of that, after our last contest, we decided to create a map with … Continue reading

And the winner is…

Another month is over, and another contest has it’s winner! We asked you to send us one of your holiday pictures with our logo and this month you have really surprised us! More than 50 photos from all over the … Continue reading

EasyToBook.com Photo Contest: the final rush starts now!

In 2 weeks we got 50 photos from you with our logo. You have shown us great images of your travels: from the French Alps to the Sahara desert, from Australia to USA – simply amazing. Now is time to … Continue reading

Special close up with Shannon, our Facebook winner!

As all of you know, last week we announced our winner for the ‘Like EasyToBook.com and win 500€’  Facebook competition. Our happy winner (which was chosen randomly) is Shannon Reilly from Chicago. We wanted to ask Shannon a few questions … Continue reading

Montpellier tips from our very own Jean

This week on our ‘Interview Special’ we have Jean from the marketing team! Jean actually used to sit in front of me and he always had some nice food on his desk. While I was eating my healthy salads, he … Continue reading

Most Romantic Hotels in Europe

A romantic getaway is always nice to refresh your mind and escape from the sometimes boring daily reality. There are plenty of hotels around Europe where you can go with your partner in order to experience some romance and fully … Continue reading