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Funny signs in hotels

Following on from our post on funny hotel names, we’ve been looking for some amusing signs that are found in hotels.  Whether you’ve taken a suite at New Hangover Hotel,

World’s best rollercoasters

Why do we love rollercoasters?  They scare us out of our wits, they threaten to kill us, and they even make some of us lose control of our bodily functions.  But it’s the rush we crave.  The building anticipation; the … Continue reading

Funny Hotel Names

Some people like to patronise chain hotels because they offer a standard level of accommodation.  It can be reassuring to know what level of service and facilities to expect when you stay in a Hilton or a Holiday Inn.  Conversely, … Continue reading

Standard travel luggage tips

Would you like to become a packing pro? Can’t take all your clothes with you on holiday? Need to know how to arrange your stuff so that everything fits into your suitcase? No worries; Easytobook.com comes to the rescue and … Continue reading

Unusual suitcase designs

[like action=like] Everybody who travels uses luggage. Suitcases are often the weapon of choice to transport a person’s belongings. Whilst a suitcase is nothing more than a large case in different sizes which you have to carry or roll from … Continue reading

Unusual summer festivals around the world

[like action=like] One great thing about working with an international group of colleagues is the opportunity to learn more about other cultures.  In our office it’s common to hear cries of, ‘ciao, ragazzi’ and ‘uitbuiken!’ in between discussions over the … Continue reading

Are you a food expert?

There are almost 200 different countries in the world and all of them have their own language, their own territory and their own culinary culture. The food and its variety is also one of the most important parts of travelling. … Continue reading

Urban Legends all around the world

I doubt there is anyone in our office that is more capable of writing a post about urban legends. I was one of those people that had huge problems going to the toilet alone when I was little because someone … Continue reading

Best movie set locations

A few weeks ago we asked you on our Facebook page “What is your favorite movie set location?” We were amazed by the amount of responses we got. “Vicky Christina Barcelona”, “Eat, Pray, Love” in Italy and Indonesia, “Harry Potter” … Continue reading

Most Stunning Snow Sculptures

When winter arrives and the snow begins to fall is when snowmen are “born” everywhere in the snowfilled cities. This season in Europe, with unbelievable snowfall in December, was great for creation of all kinds of structures made from snow! … Continue reading