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A few observations on The French and Food

This is a guest post by James Cave. France is a country famed for its food and any trip here is going to be centred on food, food and more food. Well, for me that’s how trips to France have … Continue reading

Playtime for Kids in Paris

Don’t even think about leaving your kids at home when you visit Europe this season. While Paris may seem like an adult-oriented city at first glance, the “City of Lights” offers a plethora of activities for children of all ages. … Continue reading

5 Things Not To Do On a Plane

This is a guest post by Chase Fleming of Wherever Worker. We all know that flying isn’t easy.  Well, actually, it is – there’s really nothing easier, unless you have a tough time sitting in a chair and reading a … Continue reading

Berlin’s Nightlife: The 48-Hour Challenge

This is a guest post by Party Earth So you saw the neoclassical architecture. You took pictures of the shining metal chariot atop the Brandenburg Gate. You stood at the end of the Berlin Wall and did that weird East-West … Continue reading

Fall in Myrtle Beach

This is a guest post by Gina Vasselli Summer brings millions of people to Myrtle Beach so they can escape the heat with cool ocean water and breezes on their vacation. But, you know, Myrtle Beach doesn’t close down during … Continue reading

Barcelona’s Hidden Gems

This is a guest post by blogger Harriet Freeman   If you have any knowledge at all about Barcelona, then when someone asks you “What should I see when I visit Barcelona?” you would probably answer without hesitation “La Sagrada … Continue reading

Great Midwestern Fall Get-Away Spots

This is a guest post by Drew James Each autumn we witness a curious human social phenomenon. Millions of people flock from one part of the country to another to look at…trees! There’s no better excuse to get outdoors than … Continue reading

Cowboys and Indians – A Guide to Native American Culture

This is a guest post by Ross Tavendale, responsible for the online PR for Boots.com Native American History Thousands of years before Juan Ponce de Leon set foot in Florida, Native American cultures flourished throughout the United States. According to … Continue reading

50 Olympic Events You Won’t See In 2012 [Infographic]

With the Olympics approaching faster than Usain Bolt, the world is getting ready for one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Two weeks of athletics, cycling, swimming, wrestling and whatnot. Way back when, things were a touch different. … Continue reading

Tourism in Amsterdam [Infographic]

Amsterdam: weed, English tourists and prostitutes are immediate associations, but I swear to god there’s other stuff to enjoy. We’ve cobbled together this infographic to give an overview of the tourism activity in Amsterdam. Bloody foreigners – where are you … Continue reading