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The Ultimate Tel Aviv Food Guide

Tel Aviv is one of the most special cities in Europe. Well, geographically speaking, Israel is part of Asia, but they still compete on Eurovision, which is more relevant right?  The city is a cultural melting pot, with different cultural … Continue reading

A few observations on The French and Food

This is a guest post by James Cave. France is a country famed for its food and any trip here is going to be centred on food, food and more food. Well, for me that’s how trips to France have … Continue reading

Halloween celebrations around the world

If you suffer of Samhainophobia, you might want to stop reading right now because this is all about pumpkins, Jack-O’-Lanterns and Trick-or-treats. Halloween is creeping up quickly, and it’s time to discover all the ins and outs of what might … Continue reading

Ultimate Notting Hill Carnival Guide

Vibrant; vivacious; venereal – London’s reputation spreads far and wide. The streets are paved with gold, the black cabs run on digestive biscuits, and everybody wears a bowler hat. There’s always a lot going here because, whatever the weather, London … Continue reading

Insiders Guide to Berlin

As a follow-up to our Top Berlin blogs : a tale of two cities, we’ve asked our bloggers to provide some great insiders tips for an unforgettable trip to Berlin!

Street food around the world

Trying different dishes and snacks might just be one of the best parts of travelling. Street food is often cheap, very tasty and probably most true to the local cuisine. No matter where your travels take you, every country – … Continue reading

Madrid: City of Squares

Brussels’ Grand Place, Amsterdam’s de Dam, Derby’s Osnabrück Square…our world was, at one point, built around these public spaces.  We traded, we gossiped, we rallied, we celebrated.  Nowadays we pop into Uncle Tom’s Cabin for a sausage and egg buttie … Continue reading

Insiders Guide to Amsterdam

As a follow-up to our Top Amsterdam Blogs post, we’ve roped our Amsterdam Experts into providing some expert insider tips to enjoying a fantastic trip to Amsterdam. Thanks very much to: Vicky Hampton, the Amsterdam Foodie Kira Nijenhuis, from Life … Continue reading

Learn from Luigi about Naples, Amsterdam and Pizza

This time on our interview specials I am happy to introduce to you not only a colleague of mine at easytobook.com, but also a good friend! Luigi, or Gigi as we all call him here, is one of the nicest … Continue reading

Christmas is over, but my belly is still here…

Christmas is over, but a lot of people -including me- still have in their belly the vivid memories of the food we had during the holiday season. Since EasyToBook.com is an international company with people from all around the world, … Continue reading