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Top airport restaurants

Airport dining sounds about as much fun as medieval surgery. Greasy, undercooked, carelessly composed and poorly presented ‘food’ is pretty much standard fare in far too many airports. I’ll happily browse the duty free for deals on Absolut, Jim Beam … Continue reading

11 fun facts about the London tube

Visiting London without travelling on the tube is a bit like going to a restaurant without ordering an entrée. The London Underground is one of the oldest and best working public transport systems in the world, carrying over 3 million passengers every day. So far so … Continue reading

Queen opens bedrooms over London Olympics

There’s no doubt London is one of the world’s most incredible cities.  This year London’s call will be even stronger, as the capital prepares to host the 2012 Olympic Games.  Several million extra visitors are expected to descend on London … Continue reading

Ten Top Theme hotels

A vacation should be an experience that, from start to finish, is fun, exciting and special.  Minibars and flat screen TVs just don’t turn me on anymore.  I want to be wowed. Luckily, I’m not alone.  A number of hotels … Continue reading

London free museum guide

Something I’ll never tire of rubbing in the faces of my mainland counterparts is the plenitude of world-class museums in London that are completely free to browse.  I briefly mentioned the subject in last year’s London A-Z, but it might … Continue reading

15 Top UNESCO sites in Europe

Europe might be full of foreigners, small hotel rooms and questionable border security, but one thing it really does have going for it is the depth and breadth of history throughout the continent.  Like tropical rainforest is for plant and … Continue reading

London A-Z

Having fostered innumerable literary genii including Christopher Marlowe, John Milton, and the dictionary’s own Samuel Johnson, it’s perfectly fair that we finally allow London its own alphabetical compendium.  Neither exhaustive nor completely reliable, what follows could quite accurately be regarded … Continue reading

The 10 most amazing city Time-Lapse

From time to time I’m quite sure that you, like me, are just surfing the Internet trying to find some inspiration for your next trip; perhaps you’re looking for something that can leave you speechless, breathless, and completely astonished. Some travelers base their decision on … Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day all around the World

Ophidiophobics might be relieved to find that all Dublin hotel rooms boast a distinct absence of snakes in their bathtubs. How can we be so sure? The banishment of serpents from Ireland was one of the many great services to … Continue reading

Notorious events in London hotels

‘No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.’ Samuel Johnson The birthplace of history itself, London is awash with attractions that each tells a … Continue reading