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Ten Top Theme hotels

A vacation should be an experience that, from start to finish, is fun, exciting and special.  Minibars and flat screen TVs just don’t turn me on anymore.  I want to be wowed. Luckily, I’m not alone.  A number of hotels … Continue reading

New York Quiz

Gigi describes New York as ‘a city that will really blow your mind…like going on holiday for the first time’.  Compliments don’t come much higher than that, and New York City occupies a special place in the hearts and minds … Continue reading

New York Museum Guide

The Big Apple, New York City, is well known throughout the world for its skyscrapers, its shops, the unique atmosphere of its neighborhoods, from Manhattan to the Bronx, from Brooklyn to Queens, for the shows on Broadway, and for the … Continue reading

The 10 most amazing city Time-Lapse

From time to time I’m quite sure that you, like me, are just surfing the Internet trying to find some inspiration for your next trip; perhaps you’re looking for something that can leave you speechless, breathless, and completely astonished. Some travelers base their decision on … Continue reading

New York Most Famous Set Locations

[like action=like] New York is probably the most photogenic city when it comes to set locations for movies and TV series. There is something about this city which is so sexy, mysterious, interesting and intriguing, that any script writer or … Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day all around the World

Ophidiophobics might be relieved to find that all Dublin hotel rooms boast a distinct absence of snakes in their bathtubs. How can we be so sure? The banishment of serpents from Ireland was one of the many great services to … Continue reading

New York A-Z Dictionary

There are so many things to see & do in New York City. The “Big Apple” is a destination full of excitement. If you visit the city for the first time, you might get a bit overwhelmed with all the … Continue reading