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Places to Visit in Seattle

Seattle has a long lasting fame for its unique contribution to the world, from flannel shirted Grunge to the steaming sweetness of Starbucks coffee. Although the rain in the city is predominant, do not think that people stay in and … Continue reading

Top Places to Visit in San Francisco

  San Francisco is one of the most popular cities in the U.S. among tourists, who come to see all of the worldwide famous attractions, featured in most Hollywood films and series, turning them familiar to the rest of the … Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Dublin

Dublin has one of the fastest growing population in Europe, and that is not mere coincidence. Most travelers that flock to the capital of Northern Ireland, expect to encounter an endless array of beer based fun, peculiar traditions and a … Continue reading

Cheap Places to Travel Around The World

If you postpone your traveling due to high prices, you no longer have a valid excuse. There are many destinations in the world that make up for amazing yet inexpensive getaways, you just have to adjust your itinerary. From economic … Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to São Paulo

With a whopping 11 million population, São Paulo is the largest and most populated city in Brazil. Regardless of its size, the city  is usually overshadowed by the natural beauty and iconic history of the neighboring state of Rio. Although the … Continue reading

Stay Healthy While Traveling

Most travelers would agree that as much as touring different countries keeps our souls healthy, most of the time we can not say the same about our bodies. Usually we use trip as an excuse to unwind from our daily … Continue reading

7 ways to save money while traveling

When traveling, we usually long to avoid any of the always changing tourist traps. We usually go online, check our Lonely Planet and converse with friends that have gone the same route. Deep inside, we want to be acknowledged as … Continue reading

Unconventional guide to Rome part 2

We have already eaten and drank in some of the most special places in Rome. As Rome was not built in one day, neither did our guide to this incredible city.  We will now uncover some of Rome’s best stays, … Continue reading

Top 10 Travel Gadgets We Can’t Live Without

International traveling has become a democratic luxury. “Americans have more passports than ever before.”said Ken Chavez, spokesperson for the Bureau of Consular Affairs at the US State Department. Over one-third of the population now have passports, which is double the … Continue reading

Travel to Antwerp: The stress free way

Antwerp is a city which can pride itself on some incredible museums, picturesque galleries, sculpted streets and architectural gems, but also laced with beautiful green areas and peaceful corners. That is enough to make travelers belittle the importance of proper … Continue reading