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7 Places to Visit Before They Disappear

The planet we live in never cease to impress us, with incredible landscapes and natural or men made wonders that usually leave visitors speechless. Although most of these locations are monetarily prolific, it does not mean that they are going … Continue reading

7 Travel Resolutions Everyone Should Have

2013 was a great year for traveling, we have visited and learned way more about different cities around the world than ever before. Traveling just as living is a constant learning experience and even if we avoid doing so, we … Continue reading

Breakfast Around the World

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for us travelers, it is also a great window to the personality and culture of a country. Breakfast meals around the world differ from city to city, state … Continue reading

Top 10 Craziest Competitions Around the World

Competitions are some of the most celebrated events around the world, and sometimes enabling exquisite people to become a celebrity even if only for a day. Different countries host different competitions, which attract hundreds or even thousands of people to share … Continue reading

World’s Best Winter Destinations

Most of us make summer the main season for traveling. Everybody is more than happy to flock to a deserted beach during summer, but for most of us, North Hemisphere residents, it is an easier option to come to terms … Continue reading

Stay Healthy While Traveling

Most travelers would agree that as much as touring different countries keeps our souls healthy, most of the time we can not say the same about our bodies. Usually we use trip as an excuse to unwind from our daily … Continue reading

Interview with Lauren Juliff and her Never Ending Footsteps

  As you may know by now, we are nuts for travel blogs. For long we have followed the adventures of these digital nomads that call all corners of the world, home sweet home. We have started a series of … Continue reading

Top 7 Travel Activities Around The World

The world is a compilation of endless soulful cultures and breathtaking landscapes which are just waiting to be explored. By traveling you can expand your understanding and tolerance of things you did not even know existed. Although some tourists believe … Continue reading

Alternative Destinations in Europe

Who hasn’t heard about the iconic cities in Europe? From the romantic Paris, to the hip Berlin to the open-minded Amsterdam, all of these cities are usually a top priority when planning an Eurotrip. The old continent is an endless … Continue reading

Essential Travel Items

  Overpacking is a common nuisance most travelers choose to face while traveling abroad. We usually cogitate the worst case scenario as an excuse to stuff most of our wardrobe into our suitcases. Usually, this mistake is made by late … Continue reading