7 Travel Resolutions Everyone Should Have


2013 was a great year for traveling, we have visited and learned way more about different cities around the world than ever before. Traveling just as living is a constant learning experience and even if we avoid doing so, we usually fall into the same patterns while visiting unknown destinations.

But 2014 has arrived! And there is no better time to analyze the year past and tweaking some of our travel planning in order to maximize our experience. We have selected 7 things we desire to change in our travel future, which could be used by any constant traveler.

7. Take More Group Guided Tours


Staring at a landmark or reading off a book guide is never the same experience as having a passionate local talking about his/her hometown. Guided tours are an amazing opportunity to learn every detail about different destinations we visit, as well as being able to meet different people from all over the world.

We usually dodge guided tours due to their allegedly steep prices, which are not always the case. If you are traveling to Europe for example, you can reserve a spot at Sanderman’s New Europe Tours at no charge, but a tip at the end is welcome if the tour was of your liking.

6.  The Cheapest is Not Always the Best Option

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How many times have you booked a flight due to its cheap price, and had to trot to the airport at ungodly hours? Booking the cheapest flight is not always worth it! Before booking a flight make sure to check about transportation options and hotel location before pressing the purchase button. I can guarantee that most of the time the 100 bucks you saved on the ticket will probably go to taxi fares or to overcharged food at the airport, rather than to that great little souvenir.

5. If You Like it, Buy it!


Did you like that special T-shirt or those pair of shoes in that small market, but continued walking in the hope of a better price? You won’t find it! And we almost never go all the way back to buy that special thing, which will ultimately haunt us for the rest of the trip. If you like something that is worth a few extra bucks, buy it! It will make up for a nice memory of your trip.

4. Explore Countries Off the Beaten Path


Kiev, Ukraine

Sometimes we focus so much in visiting tourist hot spots that we miss the opportunity to visit less known places, which would after all be that much more special. Try to at least a year book a flight and hotel to an interesting place you have never thought about visiting. Those are the ones that provide you with the most incredible experiences.

3. Keep a Travel Journal


It is always incredibly rewarding going through your past travel experiences, and there is no better way than recollecting them in a travel journal. We do not always remember everything,  and who knows, maybe you will visit the city again and you will have all of your homework done.

2. Do at Least One Thing You Wouldn’t Normally Do


There are many kinds of travelers, the foodies, the adventure seekers and the ones that enjoy a relaxing vacation to name a few. For your next travel why not try changing your traveling shoes and doing something you have never done before? How about camping in the Sahara Desert or Glacier watching in Iceland, or just having some down time at a nice resort in the Bahamas? None of these sound like a bad idea, do they?

1.  Having no Expectations at All!


This is the hardest of our resolutions!  As the booking of any trip entices our imagination to a maximum. The best way to experience an amazing travel experience is by not falling into preconceptions or prospects and just enjoying the travel for what it is.

 Do you have some travel resolutions for 2014? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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