A day in Milan: fashion, drinks and much, much more


Last week I went on a business trip to Milan and I had the possibility to spend a nice and long day with my brother who is living there – he guided me to a few of his favourite places. I would like to share my experience with you to give you some ideas if you are thinking of spending a couple of days in Milan.

Milan - Duomo

Milan - Duomo

09.30 Wake up at the Hub Hotel, a really nice 4 star hotel (I told you it was a pleasant business trip)! The hotel is not in the center of Milan, but on a strategic position, well connected to the center by public transport and in the heart of the Milan trade, conference and business area.

10.30 After a short tram ride I met my brother just outside the entrance to Parco Sempione and we had a tasty breakfast at the Living Liqueurs & Delights Milano bar. The bar is on a convenient location, it has awesome cappuccinos and yummy croissants.

11.00 Luckily it was a really nice and sunny day, temperature was around 15 degrees. Coming from the 4 degrees in Amsterdam, it felt almost like summer… We spent the rest of the morning strolling through Parco Sempione.

13.30 Lunch time! We decided to go to Zona Ticinese, close to the Porta Ticinese. In this area you find many fantastic restaurants. To taste one of the typical milanese dishes, a cotoletta we went to restaurant Amici Miei (“My friends”) on viale Bligny 19.

16.00 After the lunch and a delicious coffee we moved to Piazza Duomo to have a nice walk on the most important square of Milan and payed a visit to the most famous gallery of Italy,  Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, where you can enjoy trendy shopping.

18.00 Happy Hour! In Milan there’s a really awesome tradition, Happy Hour. Almost all the pubs in Milan around 18.00 have a Happy Hour. How does it work? Well, you pay a little bit more than usual for a drink, let’s say around EUR 7 – 8, but for this, you don’t only get the drinks, but get appetizers and other snacks for free, such as a small portion of pasta, bruschette and more. To have our Happy Hour we went to L’Hora Feliz on via San Vito.

21.00 Even though we had a lot of food during our Happy Hour we decided to go for a small dinner in another typical milanese restaurant, Trattoria Madonnina in via Gentilinio, they serve yummy food and the atmosfere is lovely.

23.00 After dinner we went to La Casa 139 in via Ripamonti, a nice pub with live music, where we had a great night out.

03.00 Well, 03.00… Time to go back to the hotel as the day after I had the an early flight back to the city of Amsterdam…

This was my funny -and pretty long- day in Milan, do you have any other spot to recommend for fun in Milan? Share your experience and let us know!

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