Berlin A-Z Dictionary


A: Alexanderplatz – This is one of the biggest squares in the city and a major transport hub. Aside from important historic buildings, it’s a good place to visit and eat fast food after a long night of dancing – everything here stays open all night.

B: Bus 100 – If you want to see the entire city without spending a lot of money, it will not get any better than this! This public bus will take you to all the major city’s landmarks and all for a symbolic price! Forget the same-old tourist busses; this is cheaper and even less busy!

C: Checkpoint Charlie – One of the most important places to see when visiting Berlin. This was the crossing point between the East and West sides of the city during the war. This checkpoint was the gate to freedom for the people who lived on the East part.

Checkpoint Charlie Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie

D: (Berliner) Dom – Berliner Dom is the main cathedral of the city, even though it has never officially been the seat of the bishop. The view of the cathedral is absolutely stunning and the huge lawns around it make it a great spot for a nice picnic.

E: Electronic Music – Berliners are known for their passion for electronic music. You will be surprised by the amount of electro-parties and bars you have here. Please note that in Berlin the evening starts late so most of the places are quiet until at least midnight.

F: Fashion – In the last couple of years, (ever since the wall was taken down) Berlin’s upcoming designers started to develop quickly and made their mark in the international fashion world. Wolfgang Joop, Michael Michalsky and Dirk Schönberger are a few talented designers – if you never heard of them, be patient: it is just a matter of time until they will be huge.

G: Gay Pride – Berlin is probably the most gay-friendly city in Germany. The gay scene is huge and it is nice to see how extremely well the gay community is doing there. Getting into the gay parties is pretty hard as they are considered to be the best parties in town.

Gay Pride Berlin

Gay Pride

H: Heidestr Market – This fun flea market is heaven for all antiques and furniture lovers! You can find anything from vintage items to old records, unique car models and many more surprises. Try to be there early so you won’t miss out on all the good stuff.

I: International Film Festival – The international Berlin Film Festival, also called “Berlinale” is one of the biggest film festivals in the entire world. More than 4200 journalists cover this huge event, which is being shown on TV in more than 110 countries.

International film Festival Berlin

International Film Festival Berlin

J: Jewish Museum – The Jewish museum in Berlin is a must-see attraction even if you are not Jewish. German people still today, feel guilty for their (grand)parents’ mistakes and you can see it in the monuments they built all over the city. The Jewish museum is one of the places where a lot of effort was put in to, for the visitors to see a little more about the lives of the Jewish people in the past.

K: Küchen – Küchen is the German word for cake and you can be sure you will have a lot of cakes in Berlin. Germans are known for their excellent bakeries and also for their love of coffee & cake. When you stroll around the city you will come across many cafes that offer plenty of small cakes to eat next to your coffee. If you’re having trouble with choosing a nice cake, just pick more than 1, you’re on holiday after all!

L: (A) Long night of museums – This amazing cultural event is organized every year, together with a couple of museums and important cultural institutions, with the vision to give people the chance to visit many museums all night long. Purchasing a ticket will allow you to visit these museums and multiple exhibitions, all for one price. It also allows working people to finally have the time and option to visit the museums during a weekday!

M: Museum Island – Located between the Spree River and the Kupfergraben, the Museum Island is the house for five institutions, (Altes Museum, Neues Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie, Bode-Museum and Pergamonmuseum) that alltogether create a district full of culture and history.

N: National Gallery – The new national gallery was designed by talented Mies van der Rohe and it is also called the:”temple of light and glass” because of its unusual steel and glass structure. The gallery is showcasing beautiful artwork from the 20th century in Europe and you will be able to view famous paintings and sculptures from that period of time in the museum.

O: Opera – The famous opera house in Berlin, or as it is called in German: Staatsoper Unter den Linden (Berlin State Opera), is the home for the amazing Staatskapelle Berlin orchestra. The opera house is an extremely popular tourist attraction, also thanks to its beautiful design.



P: Parks – Berlin is a beautiful city with interesting architecture but the city also boasts many nature parks. In the summer when the weather gets better, it is nice to grab some fresh fruits and a bottle of wine and go for a picnic in one of the city’s green parks.

Q: Quadriga – Berlin Quadriga, (a horse drawn carriage with 4 horses – the Roman equivalent of Greek Tethrippon) is one of the most modern quadrigas in the world. It was used in the past for racing in the Olympic Games and other champion games.

R: Reichstag – The famous Reichstag building is one of the most important monuments in Berlin. It was use by the German Empire as the parliament and it was officially opened in 1894. Today, after many reconstructions that have been done during many years, the building is impressive and definitely worth a visit even if you just have time for a quick look.



S: Sausages – There is a big chance that from the entire list, this word sounds the most familiar to you. German sausages for some people are the main symbol of Germany. Würste, Frankfurters, Bratwürste and Rindswürste are just few of the delicious sausage types that you can find in Germany. Don’t forget to add a lot of mustard!

T: Turkish Food – Some of you might not know this, but Turkish food is the most favorite fast food in Berlin, in particular the famous “Döner Kebab” dish. This dish is so popular that the annual sales in Germany reach an amount of EUR 2.5 billion! One thing is for sure: after a long night on the town, there is no better way to finish the evening than with a dish of dõner, trust me on this one!

U: Unter den Linden – Unter den Linden in German means: “under the linden trees”. It is a beautiful boulevard in the famous Mitte district. This area is considered to be very luxurious and trendy thanks to the museums and other historical buildings that are situated there. The boulevard will lead you from the Schlossbrücke at the Museum Island, to the Brandenburger Gate, at the Pariser Platz.

V: Victory Column – This impressive tribute was designed by Heinrich Strack after 1864 in order to honor the Prussian victory in the Danish – Prussian war. The Victory Column today is a symbol that not only inspires many music videos, but it is also a place where important events occur: it was the spot where Barack Obama gave his speech while he was visiting Germany.

W: (the) Wall – There’s probably nothing we can say about the Berlin wall what has not been said before. The wall divided East and West Germany for twenty-eight years and a day, the wall was approximately hundred miles long, the destruction of the wall paved way for the reunification of East and West Germany in October 3, 1990. There are a lot more interesting facts about the wall, as it is the main symbol of Berlin.

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

X: X-mas Markets – Christmas shopping in Berlin and in all of Germany is a lot of fun. Germany is known for its beautiful and very organized Christmas markets. A few weeks before the holidays arrive, people travel to the Christmas markets together with the whole family. Aside from buying gifts, decorations and other items for Christmas, you also get the chance to feel the holiday spirit before its even time to celebrate!

Y: Youth Hostels – One of the biggest advantages in traveling to Berlin is the fact that the city is still relatively cheap compare to other European cities. You can find a lot of cheap apartments to rent here, hotels with good deals and mostly: a lot of good value for money youth hostels. Unlike other cities, here the youth hostels are actually very nice and clean. If you stay in one of these hostels chances are you will meet nice people from all over the world. Staying in a youth hostel is not only cheap but also a fun experience for youngsters.

Z: Zoological Garden – The Zoological Garden in Berlin is not only the oldest and best known in Germany, it is also considered to be one of the most visited zoos in Europe. Loved animals such as the polar bear and the giant panda make people come visit here from all over the globe.

Zoological Garden

Zoological Garden

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